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Ten Problems With Bush's Latest Iraq Plan

By Tar De Moutonnoir     Jan 12, 2007 in Politics
A list compiled by Bob Burnett in response to President Bush's latest proposal for Iraq.
This list is comprised of 10 points critiquing the supposed 'new plan' announced by the Bush administration Thursday to deal with the situation in Iraq. The crux of Bush's plan centers around the addition of just over 20k combat ready troops. The proposal also calls upon the Iraqi government to crack down on militias and take more responsibility.
The speech attempted to shift blame for the disastrous situation on the Maliki government's supposed failure to achieve results. This is seen as a bid to implant the idea of an Iraqi unwillingness to act and facilitate an exit strategy for the Americans by holding Iraqis responsible for the lack of progress. Hence the use of the term 'civil war' by so many Democrats and some Republicans to describe the conflict, one that did not predate the American invasion, one that is viewed by many Iraqis as a war of liberation. Perhaps by branding it an internal fight, the Americans hope to disassociate themselves from it.
The proposal offers no real shift in policy, if it were determined that success could be arrived at through the employment of additional troops, it certainly wouldn't have been a mere twenty thousand of them.
Are those additional troops going to turn the whole war around? Are we to go from +/-100 Iraqis and 3 Americans killed a day to relative peace and order on a dime?
There was no serious proposal made and there will be no serious gains, just more of the same. Bush has left this mess to the next administration, like a five year old throwing aside an old toy for a new one. Keep up the good work.
The list in not in any order. Here are some that I found interesting:
--It wasn't a plan: A realistic proposal starts with an accurate assessment of the current situation and then presents a detailed program for achieving a set of measurable objectives given time and budget constraints. Bush's "plan" has none of these elements. It's wishful thinking wrapped in sophistry.
What's the plan Stan?
--There were no benchmarks: Because the President didn't present a schedule, other than sending more troops and spending more money, there will be no way for Americans to evaluate whether the "new" Bush "plan" is succeeding. For example, Bush declared: "Iraq will pass legislation to share oil revenues among all Iraqis." He gave no schedule for this legislation or even a rough idea of what "sharing" implies.
Got timeframe? Sayyy whennn.
--His proposal was based on an inaccurate assessment: The President wasn't truthful about the current situation in Iraq. He talked as if this is a conflict primarily waged by "Al Qaeda terrorist and Sunni insurgents." That's a naive oversimplification. Iraq is embroiled in a civil war, where Sunnis fight Shiites, Kurds fight Sunnis, and they all fight the occupation forces.
The Nile (pronounced Denial) ain't just a river out in one of them far away places he ain't never heard of.
written by bocephalus w references from huffingtonpost
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