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U.S. to Begin Drone Patrols on Canadian Border

By Tar De Moutonnoir     Jan 12, 2007 in Politics
The United States government has announced that it will begin using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to patrol the border with Canada by this fall, in an effort to keep out possible threats.
The Canadian border with the U.S is the longest undefended border between two nations in the world. In the post 9/11 world, Canada has been under pressure from its southern neighbor to tighten its borders, to keep out possible threats to the U.S from crossing in.
Earlier it had announced it would require visas from all Canadians crossing into the U.S from Canada.
Efforts by Canadian leaders to ask the U.S to reconsider, citing likely delays at the border and risks to businesses and trade fell on deaf ears as the measure will be implemented shortly.
For many years the open border has been a sign of the warm relationship enjoyed by the two nations
as the U.S has sought to manipulate Canada into applying more stringent security measures and spend more money on its military to monitor the border.
One example of a suspected terrorist crossing in from Canada was the so called 'Millennium bomber', Ahmed Ressam, who crossed the border intending to bomb targets in the U.S but was arrested and jailed.
The propeller-driven drones, called Predators, will begin patrolling U.S. airspace along the border with Canada by September and will fly day and night, said Scott Baker, chief patrol agent of Customs and Border Protection, an arm of the Department of Homeland Security.
Written by bocephalus with reference from cnn
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