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captured Israeli soldiers still alive: ex-Lebanese leader

By Sheba     Jan 12, 2007 in World
So says President Amin Gemayel, as well as another Lebanese politician, assuring that the two kidnapped Israelis — Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser — survived the attacks.
However, no word on their condition other than that "they are alive." There were earlier reports that had said one was killed and the other seriously wounded. They were captured (stolen really) when Hezbollah led a cross-border raid into Israel last July, 12th. This sparked the 34 day war as Israel invaded Hezbollah territory in Lebabnon.
There was a cease fire after the UN sent in troops. By then, 1,183 casualties were reported by Lebanon (mostly civilians) and Israel 157, (mostly soldiers). The UN has called for the release of the two captured soldiers but Hezbollah wants to negotiate for the release of prisoners held by Israel. Israel says it won't negotiate unless Hezbollah could prove the soldiers were alive.
So on goes the saga.
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