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Tubby tabby who tried to plunder food reunited with his owner

By Carolyn E. Price     Jan 11, 2007 in Entertainment
Here Kitty, Kitty ....
The Oregon Humane Society had named this cat "Goliath". They weren't that far off as his real name is Hercules.
Jadwiga Drozdek a resident of Gresham, Oregon, found the 20-pound fatso stuck in the dog door of her home last week. She go the tubby tabby out of the door, fed him some food and called the Humane Society.
Hercules' owner Geoff Ernest was reunited with Hercules today after being apart for the last six months. Mr. Ernest had to have a lung transplant operation in Seattle six months ago, so he had someone house sit the cat. I guess Herculles didn't like what he was being fed so he took off, looking for greener pastures!
There is a sad side to this stoy, though. The Humane Society has diagnosed Hercules as having Feline Immunodeficiency Virus which is similar to HIV. However, it says that cats can live for years with the virus, but owners should keep the cat inside so that he doesn't spread it to other animals. I guess they don't have kitty condoms yet!
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