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DNC chooses Denver to host 2008 convention

By Iamseven     Jan 11, 2007 in Politics
Denver has been chosen by the Democratic National Convention (DNC) as the city where the 2008 national convention will be hosted, the committee announced today.
Denver beat out several other cities, including NYC, for the ability to host the DNC. The DNC begins August 25 and ends August 28.
The chairman of the DNC, former presidential candidate Howard Dean, said that the Democrat's political successes as of late made on the West Coast is one of the reason why Denver was chosen as the location.
"There is no question that the West is important to the future of the Democratic Party," Dean said in a prepared statement. "The recent Democratic gains in the West exemplify the principle that when we show up and ask for people's votes and talk about what we stand for, we can win in any part of the country. Additionally, we have a number of strong Democratic leaders in the West who will be a part of showcasing the vision of Democratic leadership for America as we introduce the next Democratic President in the Rocky Mountains."
Dean is probably referring to a number of leaders which include Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat from Nevada.
An official announcement has yet to be maid, but Colorado Democratic Party Chair Patricia Waak said that she has received phonecalls today which have led her to suspect that Denver will be the host city for the 2008 DNC.
This is quite revolutionary for the city, as a Democratic convention has not been held there for almost 100 years-- 1908-- and it will be exactly 100 years when the DNC is hosted there, in 2008.
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