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Exactly How Ignorant of American History Are University Students?

By Mac     Jan 10, 2007 in World
The truth is pretty horrifying, considering that the loudest voices joining in the PC critique of all things American, are often the least informed. . .
This is an excellent short piece talking about some recent studies (with some good outside links) indicating that America's university students in the end just don't know American history - causing them to leap to some misinformed judgements concerning the American political landscape.
The article begins with the incident in which an on-air reporter - university educated - referred to WWII as "World War Eleven".
Recently, FoxNews featured a piece in which a reporter went out into the streets of New York to find someone under 30 who could recite the Pledge of Alligiance accurately - with dismal results.
Whether you agree with American policy or not - this article will make you think.
However, one versed in American history, American politics, world affairs, and the market economy should understand the relative success of the American experiment in constitutional government and appreciate the men who founded it and the ideals that uphold it. At any rate, if you hate this nation, please, at least have an educated hatred.
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