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'Cannabis' evidence brings more charges

By bobSP     Jan 10, 2007 in Crime
Peter Till, 39, brought a cannabis plant into an Australian court to use as "evidence" in his trial.. which was, of course, on drug-related charges. This led to further drug charges for Mr. Till.
The original charge Mr. Till was facing was possession of a dangerous drug. He was arrested last October for allegedly smoking a joint in the Queen Street Mall.
Yesterday, when Mr. Till showed up at court, he had something with him-- a 50cm cannabis plant. Security officers seized the plant in the foyer of the Brisbane Magistrates Court when Till walked through a screening machine.
Till was found guilty of his original charge (although he pleaded not guilty) and was fined $600.
He was then taken into police custody before his appearance today in court, where he posted bail and will appear before the magistrate again on April 10 (on the second charge).
Till has been fined at least 15 times over drug-related offences in the past few years. He says he will fight these charges, as his life-long campaign is to have marijuana legalized. Till has refused to pay the fines and denied that bringing the cannabis plant into court was a bad idea.
Till was quoted as saying: "I don't give a rats [ass], I believe in it, I know it helps me, right?"
"And I can tell you now I believe in it so much if I have to go to jail for it then so be it, I go to jail for it."
I think he's got the wrong idea.. who brings a cannabis plant into court? Did he honestly think that was going to help his case?
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