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article imageOver 50 and a Fashion Disaster?

By Viga Boland     Jan 10, 2007 in Lifestyle
If the picture accompanying this article is scary, funny, or just plain weird...
that's because it's distorted by the cute little application that comes with the built-in camera on a MacPro Book laptop. What's that got to do with this article? Lots!
There's a new book out by fashion stylist, Sherrie Mathieson, called "Forever Cool" and it's aimed at baby boomers like me and folks over 50 in general who can give people distorted impressions of themselves by the way they dress...just like that photo has distorted me. (I'm not really THAT ugly!)
According to Sherrie, who has "outfitted such celebrities as Bill Cosby, Gregory Peck, Lena Horne, Susan Sarandon, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Brooke Shields":
"If we are aging gracefully, we reveal how we see ourselves in terms of our achievement as a man or as a woman, how vibrant we are in ourselves. If you dress dowdy but are an intelligent person within, you're not projecting that to the rest of the world. If you're competing with young people, what does it say to the world if you're wearing aviator glasses and a toupee and outdated clothes? People are going to assume you're outdated in your mind."
Now you know who Sherrie is addressing here. You've probably seen some of these people on shows like Montel or other makeover shows where the 55-year-old woman likes to dress like her teenaged daughter i.e. wearing minis and letting her boobs fall out of a tank top meant for a woman half her size. I even felt a twinge of conscience as I recognized myself in Sherrie's words " you dress dowdy but are an intelligent person within"...that's me to a T...but only when I'm sitting in front of this screen. Well I lie...sometimes, I just throw a coat over my dowdy clothes to go pick up some groceries.
Anyway, probably most of you won't need this book or even be interested, but the article caught my eye. Check the article out for what she has to say about the fashion sense of Laura Bush, George Bush, Merryl Streep, Bill Gates and Clint Eastwood.
At least I'm in good company with Merryl Streep!
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