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20,000 more: First wave of troops will go to Iraq by month's end

By minnesota     Jan 9, 2007 in Politics
Bad news for 82nd Airborne in Kuwait. Worse news for the poor saps already coming upon 1 year in the sandy place...
20,000 more troops. This has been hinted at and the associated press cited a senior defense official for their story. So now it's up to President Bush and Congress (who might or might not back the decision. I bet they will.)
"There are currently about 132,000 U.S. troops in Iraq. Much of the increase would come from speeding up the timetable for sending some forces already scheduled to go to the country, and keeping others there who were about to leave."
I just came home in October but even while I was there, they were extending tours to shore up Baghdad. Soldiers are facing alot of heartache with brave faces but these extensions are crippling to morale and retention. There is plenty in the news about how this effects families, their soldiers and employers of the guard and reserves. But what about poor-planning? I hope that is not falling by the wayside of the support our troops smear. We are not in the business of surprise attacks in Iraq these days--a decision to immediately increase troops denies the parole of thousands of heroes doing the right thing without a light at the end of the tunnel.
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