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Obrador Starts His Own TV Show

By bobSP     Jan 9, 2007 in World
The former Mexican presidential candidate who lost last year's election by half a percentage point plans to launch his own TV show to overcome what he considers is media bias against him.
The show, which is set to launch on Tuesday, is being paid for entirely by supporters of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Supporters claim that the media has largely misrepresented and ignored Obrador and his left-wing movement.
Obrador has been in the news a lot since his defeat, as he never accepted the defeat and swore that when Calderon was sworn in he'd be a thorn in his side. The show seems to be another way for him to fulfill this statement.
The TV show aims to show an "alternative" point of view, as Obrador claims that all of Mexico's television stations and newspapers are right wing. The show will air weekly and is called "The Truth Will Be Told".
Each show will be a half-hour long. The show will air very late at night as Obrador's supporters could only afford a cheap slot.
Going back to Obrador's obsession with Calderon, Obrador says that the program will highlight Calderon's shortcomings, even though Calderon has adopted very similar policies to that of AMLO.
Obrador believes that his show is the only way of helping his agenda of aiding the poor in Mexico.
I'm personally tired of Obrador.. he started off admirable but is doing nothing but impeding any development his country might experience at this point. He continues to be a force behind diving Mexico and is doing more harm than good. Hopefully he will wake up one day and realize that. It doesn't seem like his TV show will have much of an impact or even last that long.
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