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North American Union / "Amero-Dollar" / No More USA

By Lightening     Jan 8, 2007 in Politics
There is currently a movement pushing for the U.S., Mexico and Canada to be integrated into a unified superstate, where U.S. citizens of the future will be known as "North Americanists," trading with a common currency "Amero-dollar".
Some may be familiar with the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP). Attention has been focused recently on the SPP identifying it as an agreement by the U.S. to move forward towards a Unified North American Government that will supercede the U.S. government.
Why are U.S. University Professors allowed to push their own political agenda's of "reinventing our borders"....and spreading misinformation about the intentions of the SPP?
Although most in the establishment press are not covering the controversy, it has earned the opposition of a number of high-level voices including congressmen like Tom Tancredo, Virgil Goode and Ron Paul, and newsmen like CNN's Lou Dobbs who has described the U.S. government's actions in this effort as "Orwellian."
The [AZ State University] program openly advocates for the integration of economic issues across the continent, and in many places goes further – such as the call for a common North American currency.
One teaching module made available online for professors to integrate into their teachings was written by George Haynal, senior fellow at the Norman Patterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University, and implied a joint military is required. Since the security of the continent "is a joint need; it should be supplied as a common enterprise."
"Given the nature of the threats against our security in the current environment, the first task is to reinvent 'borders.' We must exercise the responsibility for protecting our society against external threats where we can do so most effectively, not where infrastructures happens to be in place," he added. "Multilateral cooperation is going to be essential among governments."
"It is clear, to me at least, that we must … move beyond NAFTA and do so with a purposeful determination," he wrote.
Another teaching paper advocates the adoption of a unified North American currency, the "amero," modeled after the euro currency of the European Union.
If there is ANY such move towards a unified goverment such as the North American Union... which would supercede the United States Government, I hope that we will all speak up and take action. We must not stand by and allow our universities to brainwash the next generation to believe that the sovereignty United States is somehow an impediment to security, economic and cultural advancements.
What are your thoughts on a North American Union and the Amero-dollar? In any event, I hope that you will read the article linked to this piece in its entirety.
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