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article imageBrainwashed 'guinea pig' seeks more damages

By Brandigal (Donna)     Jan 8, 2007 in Health
A 79 year old woman will be in a federal courtroom this week seeking to launch a class-action lawsuit against the Canadian government for Cold War-era brainwashing experiments carried out on her.
Janine Huard,79, says she was a young mother of four with mild post-partum depression when she checked herself in for psychiatric treatment at a Montreal hospital more than 50 years ago where she said she received massive electroshocks and was fed more than 40 experimental pills a day.
She said she was "drugged and subjected to so-called "depatterning," during which repetitive recordings were played in her ear for weeks on end, one of them telling her she was of no use to her family." and says "what happened to her still haunts her today."
Dr. Ewan Cameron believed he could erase the memories of patients and rebuild their psyches without psychiatric defect.
This idea intrigued the CIA, so they recruited Cameron to experiment with mind control techniques in the 1950's. The experiments were paid for by the CIA and the Canadian government.
Cameron gave patients LSD and subjected them to the massive and multiple electroshock treatments according to reports.
In 1994, 77 patients were awarded $100,000 each from the federal government. These were the ones that rendered to a childlike state. More than 250 other patients were denied this because they were not considered as severe as the 77.
In 2004, the federal court of appeal overruled this decision and awarded a former patient $100,000.
This is horrible that they were subject to this type of treatment but I suppose back in the day they did not realize what they were doing and thought they were doing good.
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