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Mom and son accused of stealing snake caught when they return for 'how to' book

By Carolyn E. Price     Jan 8, 2007 in Crime
Here we go again with the Dumb & Dumber set!
A mother and her son, who have been accused of stealing a snake from a pet store, were arrested when they returned to that very same store and asked for books on how to care for that particular kind of snake. Clerks in the Cleveland Heights, Ohio store, recognized the suspects from the surveillance video taken during the theft and stalled them until police arrived.
While the mother acted as the lookout, the 15-year-old took the 30-inch baby boa from its cage, wrapped it around his neck (well that's a smart thing to do with a boa constrictor) and hid it with his jacket.
Police say that the video showed the head of the red-tail boa sticking out of the boy's jacket collar.
Mother and son were arrested Dec. 22. The snake, worth $300, was recovered from their home and returned to the Petland in the Cleveland suburb. Sebrina Hill, 35, faces theft charges and is scheduled to appear in court next month. Her son was booked and placed in the custody of relatives, police said.
First, you steal a snake? Then you go back to the same place you stole the snake from and ask for a How To manual? OK, whatever.
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