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article imageAncient Roman road discovered in the Netherlands

By Brandigal (Donna)     Jan 7, 2007 in Technology
Archaeologists in the Netherlands have uncovered what they believe is part of the military road Roman soldiers patrolled nearly 2,000 years ago while guarding against hostile Germanic tribes at the Roman Empire's northern boundary.
The road know as the "limes" was in use from roughly A.D. 50 to A.D. 350, before it fell into disrepair and eventually disappeared underground.
Wooden poles were discovered at the site that were used to protect the roadsides from erosion, and experts hoped to use tree-ring counting techniques to determine the exact date they were cut.
The road was discovered by the Dutch train company Prorail during preparations to add extra rail lines in the area.
"It's in very good condition," said city spokeswoman Marloes van Kessel.
Excavations of other parts of the limes are also being conducted in other European countries, and the United Nations is considering declaring it a world heritage site.
In 2002, archaeologists found the remains of a watchtower on the Rhine where detachments of three or four Roman soldiers would have served as lookouts. Near the tower, they found bones and other remains of food the soldiers ate, as well as a spear point, coin, ax, sickle and an ancient pen.
In 2003, they uncovered a 25-yard-long barge, complete with covered living quarters and a decorated chest with lock and key. Archaeologists believe it may have been used by a paymaster to sail upriver carrying supplies to military camps and bases.
Among the items found with the barge were a knife, saw, wooden shovel, shears, copper pot, clay cups and pots, paddle with traces of blue paint, iron crowbar, leather shoe soles with studded bottoms for extra strength, and a piece of wood with Roman numbers on it.
I find this stuff very interesting. To think that they can pinpoint it back to A.D. 50 and the items still around and able to read things off it.
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