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article imageBright green light across sky surprises many in Singapore

By Iamseven     Jan 7, 2007 in World
A bright light across the sky took many Singaporeans by surprise on Sunday evening.
Singaporeans who witnessed the event said that around 7:40 pm there was a bright green light going across the night sky.
Some who saw it likened it to a shooting star, while other said it seemed like a satellite re-entering the Earth's atmosphere.
According to eye-witnesses it was not very high up in the sky and it streaked over brightly in a east to west direction, ending in a matter of seconds.
They also said it was not very high up in the sky and it had streaked over brightly from east to west.
Ismail Yussof, one of the eyewitnesses, said: "I thought it was a comet. I was stunned, staring at the sky. A lot of people were watching it."
Yussof's son managed to record the scene on his cellphone. "It's like an aeroplane, very big. The front is like a canon ball, full of colours - orange, yellow, blue and green. And it went off very fast, in about 10 seconds. I could see it very clearly."
So far there has been no help from the meteorological service as it said the phenomenon was too small to be reflected on satellite pictures.
These kind of stories always intrigue me.. the picture included is from the video Yussof's son took of the event.. so you can look at it and judge for yourself, I suppose.
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