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Judge bans group from serving pork soup

By Brandigal (Donna)     Jan 7, 2007 in Lifestyle
A top French judge ruled that an extreme-right group cannot serve pork soup to the needy, saying the charitable handouts discriminates against Muslims and Jews who don’t eat pork because of their faith.
Judge Christian Vigouroux ruled saying it is discriminates the Muslims and Jewish communities and that it could spark angry reactions.
France is home to more than five million Muslims and some 600,000 Jews.
Solidarity of the French began distributing pork soup across France over the last four years along with several other groups.
"Pork-fat soup is traditionally the soup of the poor because it provides complete nourishment," said Bruno Le Griel, a lawyer for the group.
He also said "that no needy Jew or Muslim was forced to consume the pork soup." but the judge said "the group’s website indicated it was a policy to refuse dessert to anyone who did not eat some soup first."
I am sure there are other meals they can serve that would not discriminate against others.
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