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Fugitive falls into hands of police ... crashes through ceiling from attic refuge

By Carolyn E. Price     Jan 6, 2007 in Crime
And yet another in the ongoing saga of dumb, dumber and dumbest!
A search for an elusive criminal came to an unexpected end when the man crashed through a ceiling from his attic refuge and landed near the officers who had come to arrest him, police said. "Normally you have to crawl up there and root them out," said Capt. Tommy Rabon, head of the Moultrie Police Department's Criminal Investigations Division. "But he came out on his own - the hard way."
Officers in Moultrie, Georgia had gone to the home of Danny Butts (you see what I mean! He even has sort of a dumb name!!!) with a bailbondsman to arrest him for a parole violation. They knew there were people in the house because the house was brightly lit. Suddenly, the house went dark and that made them suspicious.
When they asked the woman who had answered the door if Butts was there, she said no, he wasn't. The police searched the house and spotted debris under the entrance to the attic in one of the bedrooms. When they questioned the woman about the debris, Mr. Butts fell through the ceiling and landed on the bedroom floor. Apparently, he landed on his butt.
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