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Not Taking My Testicles!!

By armdtrooper     Jan 6, 2007 in Health
As I sit in the emergency room I come closer to possibly loosing my testicle.
It seems whenever I turn on the new's, I hear about these horrific wait times in the hospitals here in Edmonton Alberta. Well I experienced them first hand yesterday, Around supper time last night I noticed my left Testicle was swollen and sore. Well there is no way I am going to the hospital for this too embarassing, so my wife made me call the health link. The nurse on the other line who made me touch myself while talking to her, to explain where the pain was. Informed me not to be embarassed she has heard it all. She told me to go to the hospital get it checked out. GREAT so I headed down to one of the emergency departments, where I gave my storey to a slightly ammused nurse, who then instructed me to go sit down. Easier said then done, I sat there for 2 hours which is pretty quick before they called my name. I was led to a room where I was instructed to get in to a robe, Doctor will be in shortly. Half hour later doctor comes in, does all the necessary tests with the testicle, tells me he suspects it is twisted, that I have a 6 hour window and I could loose the NUT. Tells me he wants a ultra sound, tells me to get dressed. I am sitting there like damn lets get moving it's been 4 hours, And I want my nut. The Doctor returns and Asked me if I have my car there. I respond yes he tells me to take my chart and go to the another hospital for ultrasound... WHAT I exclaim what a joke they have no one with an ultrasound where I am. I go to this other hospital adding another 35 min onto my Golden 6 Hours. Go right to the machine where they called a doctor in on call. He did the test ruled it out I get to keep my nuts. But I still have to sit there for another 1 half for a bloody perscription. I can't beleive I had to drive from one hospital to another to get and Ultrasound, What is wrong with our Health Care System here in Canada.
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