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Our chocolate is made with honey in New Orleans!

By tyinquarter     Jan 6, 2007 in Environment
For those of you not convinced higher powers have sent a plague to New Orleans read on...
Just 16 short months ago, I was kicked out of my city with nothing but a suitcase, my dog, and my boyfriend. I returned in that first group of zip codes allowed to move back with only the suitcase and the dog. It was lonely and quiet considering I live in the French Quarter. For the first time since I was fifteen, I had an actual curfew! But I chose to come back and help rebuild. New Orleans is... well, I think we have ticked someone off. First the great exodus for Katrina, then our city floods. We return to the highest violence rate we have ever seen. But now I think I may have to throw in the towel! Killer bees were found by a demolition crewe in St. Bernard Parish (that's a few miles from my house)!
While demolishing a house in "The Parish" as we call it, the crew was overcome by a swarm of bees. The bees were distroyed and tested. They were indeed Africanized honey bees -- KILLER BEES IN NEW ORLEANS! I am beginning to think this is just some sort of sick joke! The Department of Agriculture for the state of Louisiana has placed traps in twelve locations to see if this is an "isolated" incident. As if this swarm came all the way here without losing one or two along the way. Needless to say, I am now taking bets on when fire and locusts come. Your guess?
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