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article imageHalf-ton Wild Hog Killed by Georgia Hunter

By bobSP     Jan 5, 2007 in World
The man who shot the hog was an avid hunter--but he wasn't hunting that day. The 1,100lb hog was in his neighbors yard.
The hog was one of four that had been going through neighborhood yards for years, tearing up the lawn and anything in their paths.
However, this hog is pretty special. While there aren't official records kept on the size of the hogs in the area, this one is the largest any of them had ever seen.
"Nobody keeps official records," said Daryl Kirby, an editor with Georgia Outdoor News. "But it's one heck of a hog."
Despite this hunter's ability to take care of himself and the hog, wildlife officials are urging people to stay away from them because they are likely to attack--and are very, very dangerous.
That hog is quite possibly the largest one I've ever heard of, and when I came across that picture, I saw that apparently it's not impossible for this to happen..very rare, but not impossible...anyone in the mood for bacon?
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