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Toxic Nation on Parliament Hill: A Report on Pollution in Four Canadian Politicians (2007)

By lungta     Jan 4, 2007 in Environment
Four top Canadian politicians have a combined cocktail of toxic chemicals in their bodies that would make a smokestack shudder.
Just a quick link to the existing reports on the accumulation of toxins in the Canadian population.
An axiom that I have used often concerning environmental degradation and the toxic soup that we have to swim in is” that if the capitalists and corporations had to clean up after themselves and leave their playgrounds in a sustainable state …there would never be a pennies profit”
As Canadians whatever we legislate will be trumped by the billions of the other inhabitants of fishbowl earth as they scramble to get our “life style”
Our “lifestyle” is quickly becoming our “death style” as the playground becomes the plague ground
Projections of the 50/50 chance of death by cancer this year ( if this is the year you die) are estimated at 90+/100 deaths by cancer by 2050.
The solution I fear will require three times the intelligence that was used to cause the problem….but there is always Gaia ….and Mother Nature does bat last.
More about Toxins, Cancer tests
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