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article image'Jackass' imitator in critical condition

By bobSP     Jan 4, 2007 in Entertainment
Despite the clear "Do not try this at home" disclaimer, the 11-year-old boy decided to try out some of the dangerous--and stupid--tricks from Jackass 2.
The Philadelphia boy, apparently, thought it would be fun to jump out of a 2nd story window..but he landed on his head.
The boy seems to have gotten the idea from the movie Jackass 2, when Bam Margera jumped through a window to avoid being gored by a bull--of course, he jumped through a window on the first story.
The boy had apparently tried this trick not once, but twice! The first time he did it successfully..the second time, he did it in front of a friend..that's when the stunt went wrong.
When the boy jumped out of the window the 2nd time, his feet got caught on some wires and he apparently hung upside for a few seconds before crashing down upon his head on the cement below.
There was a 25-year-old renter in the house, but he was sleeping..when the mother came home, she found the boy knocked unconscious on the ground..lying in a pool of his own blood--the friend had apparently ran off.
The mother was in shock, however, she got the renter and they carried the boy to a car and flagged down a policeman..that's when he was transported to a hospital.
The boy is currently in the intensive care unit, he has been treated for bone fractures and head injuries. Hopefully, he'll recover fully..and learn not to try these stupid stunts he sees on that "Jackass 2" movie..
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