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New BitTorrent Client causes Worry

By Teh M1K3Z0R     Jan 4, 2007 in Technology
"Everyone loves to get something for nothing, but there is usually a hidden cost associated with any promise of gain without effort. Such is the case with a new BitTorrent client called BitTyrant, whose authors claim will increase download speeds by an av
the New BT client is creating a fuss as It favours those with faster connections and "chokes" those with slower conenctions. This gives priority and faster speeds to those with faster upload rates and may in the end, harm the whole Bittorrent filesharing community.
This is scary, as Bittorrent is meant to reward those who share (or "seed" in BT speak) and not create a two-tier system where you get cut if your conenction is not fast enough. Thing is tho,that most of the people using these clients will get blocked by other clients, just as clientts that are known to be leechers (clients that download only and do not share files) get blacklisted already in BT.
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