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Internet Explorer was unsafe for 284 days in 2006

By Chris V. Thangham     Jan 4, 2007 in Lifestyle
Internet Explorer was vulnerable to attacks for 284 days out of the 365 days in 2006.
Security blogger Brian Krebs has calculated that Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 was "unsafe" (that is, vulnerable to known security holes, with no available patches) for 284 days in 2006 -- more than 75 percent of the time. By contrast, Firefox experienced a total of nine days' worth of insecurity last year.
For a total 284 days in 2006 that is almost 9 months, exploit codes for known, unpatched critical flaws in IE6 and earlier versions of the browser was publicly available on the Internet. The authors finds that atleast for 98 days, there were no software fixes and Criminals were exploiting all the user's personal and financial data during that time. Luckily I never used Internet Explorer, but worldwide 80% of the Computer users have no other browsers available, so you can imagine the scale of exploiting the data. I read in another article, by the time they fixed the patch, the attackers were exploiting another vulnerability to which Microsoft has not developed a patch yet.
Some criminals were so bold In a total of ten cases last year, instructions detailing how to leverage "critical" vulnerabilities in IE were published online before Microsoft had a patch to fix them.
I think with the vast resources of Microsoft you should expect quicker response, even Google responded quickly to fix their flaws within days. If you are still using Internet Explorer, time to download either Opera or Firefox both are thousand times safer than IE.
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