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article imageThe Three Hundred And Fifty Billion Dollar Lynch Mob

By lungta     Jan 4, 2007 in World
a repost of a blog to add to the flurry of Saddam/ Iraq/ troop/ global/ fundamentalist interest.
its long but worth it
there's some great stuff in here as to how the middle east is going
and the world
each dragging the other
slices of shiite sunni and secular
with the flavors of Christianity
all being about the same in the end
a redefining of the players out side of the media propaganda
and the agenda that's possibly coming
the how and why
his perspective of the "decider" is incompetence
i see the other tack myself
retarded cannot so consistently make the exactly wrong turn
every time without a great degree of intelligence
i mean maximum damage socially and globally every time?
time after time...come on....
if it isnt the big c word
its a ton of little ones
some day i hope we all can rant with such coherence
By Hsing Lee
It's been a long time since my last global rant. But after seeing this Greek tragedy of Biblical proportions playing out in Iraq, I felt that something had to be said. You've probably all seen the video of Saddam Hussein's execution by now. In response, all I can say is
Them good ole' boys from Texas bagged themselves an uppity sand- chigger, and showed them A-rabs what's-what! This'll teach them colored folk who think themselves to be equals with the white man a thing or two, YES-SIR-EE BOB! Praise Jee-zus and pass the ammunition!!!
And it only cost each and every one of you fifteen hundred bucks - just 15 little Ben Franklins straight out of your pocket and into Halliburton's pocket - to bankroll the biggest and most expensive lynch mob in the history of white people and lynchings from the time of Willie Lynch to the present.
Three hundred and fifty billion officially spent to date, which is more like 450 billion when you factor in supplementary packages and hidden funding. Divide 450,000,000,000 into 300,000,000 Americans... fifteen hundred bucks EACH, stolen from you, but none of the profits shared with you. Bush, Cheney, and their pals on Wall Street get to keep all the no-bid, "cost-plus" contract money for themselves. In fact, you get double shafted because they not only pocketed your fifteen big ones, but at the same time they've also reduced non-military domestic spending year on year since 2003 because the money for your social programs got spent on supplementary spending packages for Bush's pals on Wall Street.
And to add insult to injury, thanks to Bush the dollar has slid so far since 2000 that if you want to leave the USA and travel or live somewhere else, your net worth is basically half what it was six or seven years back. So not only have they stolen from you, they've also done their best to land lock you in Naziland and force you to spend your money domestically, because most Americans can no longer afford to leave the country.
So what, if anything, have you actually gotten for your fifteen hundred bucks besides a semi-cool 11.35 meg cell phone video clip of the legitimate President of Iraq being hung by a bunch of jig- dancing Shiite pro-Moqtada Al-Sadr Islamic fundamentalists who are the Iranian/Persian version of the Ku Klux Klan?
The guys who hung Saddam were actually chanting "long live Moqtada Al-Sadr" you caught that part, didn't you?
Oh, that's right, maybe you didn't, because American TV edited out all the stuff that REALLY happened, and showed an alternate version, heavily edited for television, which made the event appear more somber and legitimate.
You can download the cell phone video for yourselves online, it's all over the place. This was not a state execution. This was a good old fashioned redneck lynching of a Semite by Persians, who happen to genetically identify as Aryans/Caucasians just like their Christian brothers in the Ku Klux Klan. And like the Klan, Saddam's executioners are big on the whole "purity" thing too they'll kill ANY Sunni or other Semite who tries to mack on one of their women. They kill their daughters for fraternizing with non- Shiite men as well.
For those of you questioning me on the "Semite" thing, all I can say is that if you don't think Saddam was a Semite, you've obviously never read the Bible or if you HAVE read it, you have the reading comprehension of a small and dimwitted child. The Arabs are descended from Joktan, who descended from Shem just like the Sephardic Jews. The Shiites on the other hand and primarily Caucasian their ancestors originated from the north, like the Turks. So what we have here once again is white people gleefully murdering Semites on the pretext of religious grounds, in order to confiscate the property and resources controlled by said Semites, in order to enrich the white people who are doing the stealing and killing.
Gee, never heard THAT theme before, have we?
Alexander the Great. Kills Darius and then recruits the Persian Army to join him and go kill Semites. Caesar pretty much the same story. Constantine, Act III. Pope Urban and the subsequent Thirteen Crusades. World War I. World War II. Operation Desert Storm. And last, but also least in terms of intelligence, character, integrity, ability, eloquence and every other measurable leadership skill, comes George W Bush and the Last Crusade. The history of man for the last 2340 years is one endless stream of vicious greedy Caucasians murdering Semites to steal their stuff, without provocation of any kind by the endlessly victimized Semitic people. It never seems to end.
Bush is playing a VERY dangerous game with forces far beyond his comprehension. He's trying to help the Caucasian Shiites, who Bush and his Evangelicals have so much in common with, oppress and lynch secular Sunnis while at the same time trying to help the Caucasian non-Semitic Ashkenazi Jews in Israel steal the land of Canaan from its Semitic inhabitants. What he seems not to realize is that if you hold a stick of dynamite in your hand which has a fuse on either end and then light both fuses, you get blown to smithereens no matter WHICH fuse hits the dynamite first.
In all of human history, I cannot find a single example of a dumber course of action than the course of actions taken by George Bush, Dickhead Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld in Iraq and Afghanistan. In a series of disastrous "play it by ear and make it up as we go along" decisions, they've basically handed world-changing geostrategic power to the only group of human beings who are more fanatical than Evangelical Christians the Shiites. America's current course of action virtually ensures nuclear war in the Middle East between Shiites and Israel.
And that's the difference between putting a qualified and capable leader - love him or hate him ­ like George Herbert Walker Bush in charge of a country as opposed to handing that leader's idiot son the keys to the kingdom so he can fuck things up for you and the rest of the world. GHW Bush would NEVER have made these sort of tactical blunders, no matter how greedy or spiteful he was feeling at the time. He was way too smart to get sucked into creating a nuclear armed Shiite superstate stretching from Pakistan to the shores of Saudi Arabia, along with handing those religious fundamentalists oil reserves which are as big as those of the Saudis when you consolidate Iraqi and Iranian oil.
Even worse from a strategic perspective, thanks once again to the shortsightedness of Bush and thanks once again to the greed of the Yale Fraternal Order of the Skull and Bones, an organization in which both Bushes are members along with the founders of Unocal, the Unocal pipeline to extract oil and gas from the Caspian basin via Afghanistan terminates in Pakistan. which means that Shiites also control the Caspian spigots.
In the short time span of a little over three years, in his desperate rush to take Iraqi oil off trading in Euros and force that oil back onto the American dollar, Bush has singlehandedly managed to triple the amount of energy which will be controlled by Shiite Muslims, destroy two countries by bombing them into the stone age, bankrupt America with unpayable debt, overthrow the world's ONLY secular Arab leader and replace him with religious fundamentalists, create a civil war in Iraq as well as a war between Fatah and Hamas, and create conditions which will lead to Pakistan giving Iran the bomb if and when Israel attacks Iran to put an end to the Iranian nuclear enrichment program.
And he took fifteen Benjamins straight out of YOUR pocket to do it, you fucking schmucks.
But hey, we got a really cool 11.35 meg cell phone video out of the deal. An actual lynching of a colored guy, a SEMITIC colored guy to boot, for our money the most expensive snuff film ever made.
And if the above list of colossal fuckups isn't enough for you, to throw icing on the cake, Bush's use of Executive Order 13303 to make Iraqi oil the sole property of the US Treasury in order to take that oil off the Euro hasn't even had the desired effect of keeping energy markets trading in US dollars. They couldn't even get THAT much right, thanks to Bush pissing off Iran by calling them an "Axis of Evil".
The Russians and Iranians are now both trading their energy in Euros, with Venezuela probably following suit very soon. And since Iran and Russia have been exporting WAY more oil and gas than Iraq since 1992, the net effect of Bush's Middle East policy has been to accelerate the decline of the dollar as the world's reserve currency of choice, when the desired effect was to keep the dollar propped up by putting Iraqi oil back into US dollars. This is why the US dollar is sliding so fast, and why everyone outside the USA is converting a large portion of their cash reserves from dollars into Euro, which is also helping to accelerate the downward trend.
For all their arrogance, extravagance, incestuous inbreeding, and all around madness, even the Romans never had a leader this stupid. It took Caligula, Nero, and Senators like Scipio Nasica several generations to run the Roman economy into a state of total ruin. For all their excess and blundering and murderous rampages, not one of those inbred Caesars was this incompetent. Bush has managed to bring on, in just six short years, conditions which will result in the most severe energy and monetary crises this world has ever seen.
A showdown now looms on the horizon between Ashkenazi Jews and Persian Shiite Muslims. The consequences for the world will be harsh, harsher than you think because America will most likely be sidelined during this showdown due to the economic influence Iran will soon have over world energy markets. And we're dealing with people who are just as insane as Bush. They got this way thanks to American support for the now-deposed Iraniah Shah and his military dictatorship. That dictatorship created the conditions which allowed the Shiite fundamentalists, under Ayatollah Khomeini, to seize power. And the Ayatollahs were clever enough to use prophecy ­ not just Muslim prophecy but also the prophecies of Nostradamus ­ to organize and time the movements of Ayatollah Khomeini in such a way as to frame him as the predicted Prophet who would rise from among their people to lead them in one last holy war, Armageddon, against the infidel.
This is the part that most westerners have trouble wrapping their head around the difference between Shiites and Sunnis. Sunni religious leadership is a meritocracy, where ability and skill play a part in advancement up the ladder. The Shiite faith is a family dynasty which blindly follows the direct descendants of Mohammed.
The reason this is so important to understand is because of the religious context. Wahhabi Sunnis like Al-Qaeda might be fanatics, but at the end of the day they're pragmatic fanatics, because they don't perceive of themselves as taking orders directly from the Prophet Mohammed as a living, breathing being. The Shiites, on the other hand, are the equivalent of what an Evangelical Christian sect would be like today if that sect was led by a direct descendant of Jesus of Nazareth who was Hell bent on kicking off Armageddon.
Southern Baptists and the other inbreds are bad enough already.
Imagine how batshit crazy they'd be if Billy Graham and Pat Robertson could prove they were the direct descendants of Jesus, and thus Jesus himself spoke directly to the faithful through the voice of his progeny. If this were the case, Robertson and Graham could order the faithful to hold hands and jump off the Grand Canyon, and they'd ask if their kids should jump too.
THIS is the Frankenstein monster that Bush has created a golem which is going to engulf the Middle East in a ball of flame. The Bushenstein Monster. Coming soon with a mushroom cloud to a theatre near you. Rated M for MORON, parental discretion advised.
My reaction to all of this can be summed up in two simple words
Seriously, WTF?
Ok, that's technically four words or one word and an acronym, but you get my drift.
Seriously, what the fuck is up with these guys?
Are they TRYING to goad Israel into attacking Iran so that Pakistan's ISI will get pissed off enough to get a nuclear missile into the hands of Ahmedinejad and the Ayatollahs?
Are they TRYING to foment a global war between Sunnis and Shiites over the world's oil reserves?
Because if Israel and the Sauds were worried about Iran before, thanks to Bush, Iran looks like ten times worse of a threat than they did before the invasion of Iraq. With Saddam gone, Shiite militias are literally a stone's throw away from the Saudi oil fields, with no secular Sunni government in Iraq to hold them in check, and no Saddam Fedayeen to throw down with the Shiite militias and put the religious fanatics in their place. Even if Maliki does try to rein Al-Sadrs men in, he's going to fail, because while Sunnis may be fighting a Jihad against the West, the Shiites, in their minds, are fighting THE final Jihad against all non-Shiites on planet earth. You cannot win against this sort of enemy unless you're willing to wipe out every last Shiite man, woman, and child in Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.
Let me tell you a little story about the Shiite mind set which will put things in perspective. A South Asian friend of mine who lived here in Vancouver with his parents went to India. He met a beautiful, wonderful Indian girl, fell madly in love, got married, and came home with his bride. But the girl was a Hindu, and my friend's parents are Shiites from Kabul his parents were absolutely livid. The girl got pregnant, and almost as soon as she had the baby, my friend's parents decided to take actions to ensure that their grandchild wouldn't be exposed to any kind of non- monotheistic beliefs of the sort held by Hindus. But they didn't bother trying to actually TALK to the young couple about their concerns, oh no that would paying far too much respect to an infidel after all. So they took much more direct action instead.
They waited till my friend wasn't home, stabbed the poor girl to death, chopped her into little pieces with a butcher's knife, and threw the pieces into the trunk of their car. Shiites take lynching for miscegenation even more seriously than the Jim Crows.
They are probably the most fanatical bastards on the planet, or at worst are tied with the Jewish Settlers from Brooklyn for the crown of "most insane". Think about it if the Shiites over here are this crazy, Shiites who found conditions at home bad enough to leave even though their own people were in control of both Iran and Pakistan, how crazy do you think the ones who stayed at home must be?
Try and imagine yourself taking a butcher's knife to chop a pretty young girl, the mother of your grand child, into itty bitty little pieces. Not just you, but getting your husband or wife to help as well. Think about the type of fanatical willpower such an act requires, and consider that this family were considered religious moderates by Shiite standards. Putting yourself in that mind set will give you some idea just how dangerous a situation Bush has managed to create in Iraq.
See, Bush lost the war in Iraq a LONG time ago. He lost it when he made the mistake of thinking that the Cleric Ali Sistani was a Shiite moderate, and that Moqtada Al-Sadr was a Shiite fanatic.
The reality is, by modern Middle Eastern Shiite standards, as crazy as it may seem, Iraqi Moqtada Al-Sadr is the moderate, and Iranian Grand Ayatollah Khameini is the true fanatic. Ali Sistani is nothing more than an irrelevant secular priest that has no clout with the Shiite masses. Sistani's only true area of influence is with the wealthy Iraqi Shiite ruling class he has no power, and no clout, with the common man.
As soon as Bush flattened Fallujah, the greater war was lost, because that one act of vengeance put the entire Shiite population of Iraq squarely into the Al-Sadr camp. Any hope of using Sistani as a voice of reason died when the first tank rolled into Fallujah, because Al-Sadr became the people's Mullah, and Sistani became an American collaborator who was selling out the Shiites to the Crusaders. And once they were united in the Al-Sadr camp, any chance of forming a secular government in Iraq went out the window as well as we saw in the Saddam execution video, fanatical Shiite fundamentalists are now in charge, and executing secular Sunnis while dancing jigs and chanting, "long live Moqtada Al-Sadr!"
All of this insanity is happening because Americans were stupid enough to re-elect an illiterate Christian who is the result of two cousins getting married. Yes, that's right. Check Burke's Peerage. GHW Bush and his wife Barbara Bush are, in fact, cousins. That's why George Jr. is an imbecile, and why both Jeb and Neal Bush have such funny looking, almost Neanderthal like foreheads they're the product of aristocratic inbreeding, and you can see just a little bit of that mongoloid-ness in their faces.
With Junior, you can hear the retardation every time he opens his mouth and tries to wing it without reading off notes prepared for him in advance. Why the US media never bothers to mention this I have no idea. But it's the truth, and can be verified by anyone with sufficient reading skill to read through the New England Historical Society's genealogical records.
The main problem we face right now is that none of this matters to George Bush and Dickhead Cheney. The only thing they care about is finding more ways to hand no-bid contracts to their Skull and Bones friends, no matter how many people die as a consequence of their actions. They're incapable of thinking past the next fiscal quarter on Wall Street. To them, thinking about the next fiscal year instead of the next three months IS considered long term thinking. They simply do not care how many people suffer and die, so long as KBR and Unocal shares stay strong.
To make matters worse, on the Sunni side, martyring Saddam after that embarrassment of a kangaroo court run by Shiite militias has now given the Sunnis their own Biblical legend and reference in which to frame their battle against the Shiites. The very first statement Saddam made in court was to say that he was sad because his people were in bondage. With this brilliantly placed strategic depth charge, Saddam's legend is going to grow and flourish from beyond the grave just like the legends of Moses and Jesus and Saint Paul. Songs will be sung about how he defended his people from the Shiites, held off the Crusaders for a whole generation, led his people through a Holocaust of Sanctions imposed by Pharaoh on the Semitic people, and in the end was martyred for demanding that Pharaoh let his people go.
And now, with power handed to the Shiite majority, even the non- fanatical secular Sunnis who may not have liked Saddam or the Baath Party will have no choice but to take up arms against Shiite religious fundamentalists in a civil war for control of Iraq a war in which the Sunnis are outnumbered by more than two to one, and in which Iran is holding all the cards.
A consummate performer, Saddam played out this last act of his life on the political stage perfectly. Shakespeare himself could not have written a better or more dramatic script. Even in death, Saddam has proven himself smarter than the Bush family, and has beat them at their own game. His demeanor throughout the trial, his defiance and well constructed arguments during cross examination, his political statements designed to unite secular and religious Sunnis under one roof, all of his actions were designed with two specific goals in mind: frame the final days of Saddam Hussein in the same context as the Prophets, and use his martyrdom to draw support from the Arab street in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Sunni world. So long as he was willing to go to his death bravely, and so long as his execution was carried out by Shiite fundamentalists, dying was a win-win proposition for Saddam, and a guaranteed measure of revenge against the US economy from beyond the grave. And Bush and Maliki, amateurs that they are, played right into Saddam's hands. They handed him the gift of perceived Prophethood on a silver platter.
If you think I'm overstating the case, consider who Saddam Hussein was from the perspective of a secular Sunni Arab from Iraq, or from the perspective of a secular Muslim living under one of the American puppet monarchies under which the common man has few rights, and women have no rights whatsoever. Saddam Hussein ran the ONLY Muslim non-Monarchy in the Middle East - the only nation not controlled by religious fanatics. He gave control of Iraqi oil back to Iraq, created the best health care and education system in the Middle East with the oil money, gave women equal rights and the right to own property and participate in government a full generation before any other Muslim nation in the Middle East. He fought Shiite fundamentalism on behalf of Sunnis and the West for seven years, in order to protect Iraq's Sunni minority and in order to ensure that Iran was unable to turn the Iraqi Shiites against the Kurds and Sunnis. He fought Al-Qaeda, Wahabbi Sunni fundamentalists who want the Iraqi Sunni women barefoot and pregnant again. Even after the CIA and the Kurds began helping Al- Qaeda by allowing them to hide in Kurdish controlled areas of Iraq, Saddam managed to keep Al-Qaeda terror attacks down to almost zero. He ran the ONLY secular nation in the Middle East where Jews, Christians, Sunnis and Shiites lived side by side without daily acts of violence between the various factions now that he's gone, most of the Jews and Christians have been chased away by the Shiites and Al-Qaeda. He single handedly thrust Iraq into the 21st century and managed to put Islam in a secular bottle on BOTH sides of the conflict. He brought pride back to Babylon, freeing the Garden of Eden from the Crusaders and their puppet Arab monarchs who ran the country like their own personal piggybank. And in his last days, not once did he beg Pharaoh for mercy. He asked only that his people be united, and that Pharaoh let his people go. And just to make absolutely sure that the Saddam legend would grow to Biblical proportions, Bush's occupying army let the Shiites execute Saddam on Eid the most holy day in the Muslim religion. It's like Bush deliberately went out of his way to play the part of the Whore of Babylon and help kick off Armageddon. I say the Whore of Babylon and not the Anti-Christ because he's a Bush, and pretty much dickless.
When you consider that poetry is the single most important art form to the Arabs, the above sure sounds like the beginnings of a legend of Biblical proportions to me. Think about it. Jesus' revolution never even got off the ground, and yet here we are today with a billion retarded Christians running around killing Jews and Arabs for Jesus. Moses was so inept that he wandered aimlessly in the desert for half a generation and couldn't even come up with an original lie when he put Exodus together to unite his people, plagiarizing the Ten Commandments directly from the Egyptian Law of Maat, and yet here we are today with Six million Jews ­ mostly converts to Judaism without Semitic roots ­ planting colonial roots in the Holy Land on religious grounds. And Moses failed too. He never built that promised land in the end it had to wait for Solomon before that goal could be achieved.
The point of that short rant within a rant is this ­ Saddam's execution was such an ironic and farcical piece of drama, a drama which ended like a tragedy from the Bible, failed dreams of freedom and all, that his death in this context ensures that he will be MUCH larger than life after this era of current events becomes your grandchildren's history. Saddam is going to go down in history as the modern day Sunni version of the Catholic Saint Paul, as the Serb and Polish leadership of 1939 to Bush's Hitler, as the Chief Sitting Bull of the Iraqi people, as the Rodney King to the LAPD.
Another big fish martyred and ground up in the Cracker barrel of the white man's hate an unblemished record of freedom fighter killing from Jesus all the way down through history to today.
Don't get me wrong here there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein was a murderous bastard. But he was a murderous bastard on the side of right a secular bastard who granted religious freedom and equal rights while at the same time killing off religious fanatics of ALL denominations who wanted to impose their morality on the rest of the world. He drew a line between tolerating religious observance without interference and coming down hard on ANYONE who tried to push their religious values on others. His actions were no different than the actions taken by ANY leader who has to deal with multiple religious fanatics on multiple fronts on a daily basis.
In fact, all things considered, he was a LOT more merciful than the Romans at Masada, the FBI at Ruby Ridge, or the BATF at Waco.
Sure, he killed off the local Wahabbi and Shiite leadership in droves. But he didn't kill their wives, or burn their children to death like Janet Reno did at Waco. He didn't burn young women at the stake for practicing witchcraft, and he certainly didn't conduct himself in a manner even half as bad as the Catholics did under Constantine or the Holy Inquisition.
Saddam's only real crime was his refusal to let Texaco and the Kuwaitis get away with stealing Iraqi oil by slant drilling at the Iraqi border. Both civil uprisings during which he killed tens of thousands were military coups financed and supported by foreign powers, and he dealt with them the way any leader deals with an attempted overthrow of a nation on behalf of a foreign government which wants to steal the nation's wealth.
He did what he had to do to create a modern secular state amidst a sea of mentally ill Muslim maniacs. In order to bring the Middle East into the modern era, he had to rule with an Iron Fist to ensure that people like Al-Sadr couldn't turn back the clock on progress, human rights, and education. If you ask me, his treatment of religious fanatics spoke of a man who was absolutely committed to the greater good of the human race. Any man who is willing to make enemies of Israel while also alienating himself from observant Shiites AND Sunnis while simultaneously standing up to his American arms supplier and refusing to allow Americans to steal Iraqi oil is a man who cares more about the long term future of humanity than about his own well being. He may not have been selfless, he may have been extravagant, he may even have been a mass murderer, but the bottom line is Saddam Hussein did what no other Arab leader in the gulf states could do he handed the Mullahs their walking papers, and freed Iraqis from the tyranny of enforced ignorance and religious indoctrination. And for that alone, he should be remembered kindly by history.
In fact, if every government on earth adopted Saddam Hussein's policies toward religious fundamentalism, policies similar to those of the Chinese, the world would be a MUCH safer and happier place, and the collective IQ of our species would double within a generation as the mental illness, the infectious terminal disease called Monotheism, withers away under the pressures of common sense and proper education. Teach children properly about the plagiarized Egyptian origins of the Jewish texts; teach them about Constantine, Eusebius and Nicea; teach them about the Qumran and Nag Hammadi scrolls and how these texts prove that the Holy Bupkis is nothing more than a lie agreed upon by Romans who perverted the teachings of Jesus into a doctrine diametrically opposed to the actual teachings of Jesus in his own tongue from his own time, and monotheism cannot find fertile ground in which to incubate and continue to infect others. It really is that simple.
It's well past time for a showdown between sane people and those who choose to retard intellectual growth with their religious dogma, so we can eventually evolve past the vestigial portion of the frontal lobe. The frontal lobe's hard wired propensity for faith, which is no longer needed now that we're no longer a nearly extinct species trying to survive through an Ice Age with no hope in sight, is something we should have put behind us long ago. It's as useful as the vestigial tails which some humans are still born with. We don't need the damn thing in this day and age all it does is hold us back and slow down our progress toward achieving human civilization. There's a direct correlation between strong religious belief and high frontal lobe sensitivity those of us who have this deep seated need to believe in the absurd are throwbacks to a bygone era, and the species cannot evolve in quantum leaps any further until we eliminate this part of our genetic makeup the way we shed our tails, bone crushing molars, body hair, and excess muscle mass when we left the Savannahs of Africa for less challenging environments. But so long as we continue to tolerate deliberate stupidity for stupidity's sake and call it "religious freedom" instead of calling it what it REALLY is ­ a convenient way for us to justify aggression, theft, racism and genocide for fun and profit ­ we will never move forward.
There IS a way to achieve this goal. It starts with sane people deciding that they're no longer going to put up with Preachers and Rabbis and Mullahs and Evangelicals of any denomination
deliberately lying to our kids to keep them hateful and stupid. It starts with fighting back and getting in their faces in public every time one of these idiots opens their mouth and starts vomiting their dogma down your throat, even if it's something as simple as them saying, "thank the Lord" or "Praise Jesus". Make them shut up and keep their beliefs to themselves, and don't back down, ever. Piss on their Bible or Koran to make your point if you have to. Show them that we're not going to tolerate public displays of their mental illness any longer, and that any time they try to spread their disease in a public place, they will be met with strong and aggressive opposition. All it takes is for you to grow some actual balls and take action daily instead of waiting for others to do it for you. This is how we change the world one small action at a time which empowers others around you to become braver and take action themselves. It's how the Protestants broke away from the Catholic Church, and we can use the same method to defeat monotheism in general all you have to do is put your foot down and get in their face.
Until you yourself are prepared to fight back against this disease each and every time one of the infected tries to infect others with their disease, you have no one but yourself to blame when the next Muslim, Christian, or Jew kills in the name of a non-existent god whose TRUE origin is the Hyksos Serpent cult of Set from the time of Apophis and the Hyksos Pharaohs who conquered Egypt.
That's another one of those facts about monotheism which seems to have slipped through the cracks because sane people let the mentally ill control the history books. People think Akhenaten was the beginnings of monotheism with his worship of the One God Amun, from which the "Amen" in the Lord's Prayer is derived. NOT TRUE. Akhenaten got the idea from the descendants of the Hyksos, whose leadership we know of today as Sephardic Jews or Israelites.
Centuries before Akhenaten, the Hyksos who conquered Egypt abandoned pantheon worship in favor of worship of their one true god, Set, the Serpent. But the Hyksos rule, the first ever rule by monotheists in human history, was such an abomination that to this very day, the name of the Hyksos capital city Avarice, known to most people as Ramses II's capital city Pi Ramses, survives as a modern word meaning insatiable greed and desire for wealth. Consider the implications of this the first monotheists were such bastards that thirty seven centuries later, their first capital city continues to be a symbol of greed on an unprecedented scale.
Because of this, for monotheism to re-emerge in the time of Akhenaten and Moses, it had to reinvent itself. Thus, Satan becomes the Serpent in the Garden of Eden a convenient way to dissociate Judaism from its Hyksos Death Cult origins. But this dissociation was nothing more than a cosmetic change. If you actually read through the Torah and Talmud, you'll find that the penalty for breaking just about any law was death or banishment into the desert, which is the same thing as death.
These were not very friendly people. They were downright nasty. The rite of circumcision was invented as a means of facilitating rape in order to stamp one's genes on the people one conquers, and to ensure that one's own women can never say "no" to sex men without foreskins can't tear their foreskin via forced penetration and are able to rape at will with far less danger to themselves. This one simple rite of passage opened up a whole new era of male misogyny which went hand in hand with the Alpha male culture of monotheism. And for the hard life of a nomadic people at war with their neighbors, rape was probably needed as both a weapon of war and a means of ensuring the continuation of one's bloodline. I mean come on, be fair, look at this from the perspective of a monotheist MAN was made in God's image, and woman was created as an afterthought out of spare ribs. It says so right here in the book of Genesis, Chapter 1 Verse 26 God gave MAN dominion over all the things of the earth, and that includes women. So we God fearing men have a God given right not to take no for an answer right?
Amazing the rationalizations we can come up with once we accept monotheism as a belief system, isn't it?
As an aside and to be fair to Jews, Christians took the whole idea of the right to rape to a whole new level. The European aristocracy after Constantine was considered to rule by Divine Right, with the blessing of the Church. And even though all men were created in God's image, it stood to reason in the minds of Kings and Clergy that some men were more God-like than others, so naturally the ones who are more Godly should have the right to rape not only their wives and servants, but also the virgin brides of every man not born of noble birth. The Christian Kings actually created laws which gave them the Divine right of Prima Nocte (first night) during which the horny pedophiles got to rape and deflower any virgin commoner before she got to sleep with her husband. The Church was obviously ok with this, because they went along with it without complaint for centuries. So it's not like Jews have a corner on the justifiable rape market Christians went so far as to actually legislate their right to rape virgins.
All rapists should be castrated and turned into sex service vessels for state and federal prison populations. Such a law would virtually eliminate rape altogether. But let's get back to Moses and the Israelites I just needed to get that idea off my chest because thinking about it was really pissing me off I feel much better now that it's been purged onto paper.
The murderous intent of the Israelites became clear as soon as Moses dropped 32 of the 42 laws of Maat, conveniently eliminating all those laws which would have prevented his people from engaging in conquest of the Philistenes and their other neighbors for fun and profit. Even the first Roman Christians openly paid homage to Set you'll find that on Roman coins minted during Constantine's rule, the standard bearer who carries God's Labarum is none other than a Serpent. In other words, the ruling class may have shed the snake's skin for convenience sake, but at the core of things, at the heart of Christian leadership, the people in charge were still acting as Set's representatives on Terra Firma.
Seriously, check this out for yourself. We've uncovered a LOT of information about the Hyksos in recent days. It's no longer possible to close our eyes to the origins of monotheism and the purpose it has served for the ruling class since several centuries before Akhenaten and Moses. Monotheism was, and still is, a death cult which infects the human mind with a harmful and damaging viral meme, one which puts the reptilian brain in charge over the rational mind. But to hide the fact that monotheism basically turns a homo sapiens into little more than a limbic system heavy reptilian brain primed to kill by its most base primal urges, we now pretend that god has an unpronounceable name and no physical form, in order to disguise the true intent of the cult itself, which is to free people from their conscience so they can commit murder on behalf of the greedy monotheistic leadership and rationalize it as an "act of faith". It has always appealed to our reptilian brain because it provides the rationalization to alleviate feelings of guilt over the most heinous of crimes, and will continue to do so until such time as we actively work to reduce the number of people infected with this disease of the mind by breeding high frontal lobe sensitivity out of our DNA. Once their numbers begin to shrink instead of growing, over time the human race will evolve, and this hard-wired albatross we call faith will stop being the leading cause of death in human history.
But change on this scale requires time, and a population who are sick of being dictated to by a retarded minority. And make no mistake, monotheists ARE a minority on this planet. Why we let them run things I have no idea, but it really needs to stop, and soon. We no longer have the luxury of time on our side because of the massive changes that technology ­ nano, bio, information, and cognition technologies ­ are about to make to the world as we know it.
We're now engaged in a race against time fueled by Moore's law and computer processing power, and if we DON'T deal with these people and disempower them within one generation, the human race is going to resemble the Borg from Star Trek in the very near future. Those of you familiar with Ray Kurweil's work or Ted Kaczinsky's Unabomber Manifesto on Anarcho-Primitivism have some idea what I'm talking about. But most of you probably don't unless you've read The Singularity is Near or the NBIC Converging Technologies reports from the World Technology Evaluation Center at Loyola. A link to the NBIC reports is pasted below this paragraph.
We're less than a generation away from one of two scenarios: a Golden Age of Reason, or a Dark Age of science being used by religious fanatics and hatemongers the world over in order to ensure their existence for all time, and thus the existence of xenophobia and racism for all time, through use of cognition and biotechnologies to create an enforced "social norm" among human populations.
And that's not even the worst part of it. The worst part of it is that cognition technologies are eventually going to eliminate the ability human beings have to lie through their teeth and get away with it. And in the process of perfecting such a technology, we ensure that the next generation of religious fanatics won't be following greedy manipulative charlatans like Bush, Pat Robertson, or Effi Eitam. Instead, the next generation will be following true fanatical believers like Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas (the God hates fags website) or people even more insane than Mr. Phelps.
See, Bible believers don't like being lied to. They take their faith very seriously. So once we're able to buy portable infallible lie detectors, which will be soon, politicians who want to use religion as cover for their true agendas will no longer be able to play the GOP for Jesus game. The only people left in the religion for the masses business will be true believers who believe in their heart of hearts that the Bible is the literal and infallible word of god. And compared to guys like Pat Robertson who have turned religion into a form of mind numbing hate-based family entertainment which they use to create a most un-Jesus like financial empire, those TRUE true-believers like Fred Phelps will have no qualms whatsoever when it comes to actively and opening calling for Christians to murder Gays, Muslims, and Jews in every backwater town in America, because they won't be worried about their public image the Bible DOES support their position on these issues, and in their minds, that's the only book they ever need to read.
We already have the next generation of lie detectors in testing. At least one of them is so good that so far, no one has been able to beat it. People beat polygraph tests using one of three different tricks: they use a tack in their shoe poking their foot to obscure the skin pressure results, they clench and release their sphincter muscle for the same effect, or the clever ones learn to ask themselves a different question in their own mind and answer THEIR question instead of the question asked by the polygraph tester. These tricks don't work with brain scan based lie detectors, because skin tension isn't involved in the new tests, and because the lie detector catches you in the act of formulating a new question in your mind's eye. It's just a matter of a few more years before this technology is 100% reliable, and eventually portable. When that happens, religion and politics become a whole new ball game.
Think about it. The US Republican Party cannot get a candidate past the Primaries who doesn't go to Church every Sunday, because more than half the people who vote for them are Evangelical Christians from the Southern USA who switched allegiance from the Democratic Party to the GOP after Lyndon Johnson gave equal rights to black people with the Civil Rights Act. They believe in a white Jesus who they have paintings of in all their Churches, which proves to them that God is white and so was Jesus. So by that line of reasoning, the white man has a divine right to dominion over the black man. Jerry Falwell even said so too many times to count during the Civil Rights era.
So when people like that have a perfect lie detector, and can tell that George Bush and John McCain and Condi Rice aren't sincere true Bible believers, who do you think the Republican party will be sending through the primaries to the Presidential election?
Jeb Bush and Condi Rice, or a true believer?
You can bet your last dollar that they'll be sending a Fred Phelps or David Duke to the White House instead of the crooks they vote for today. Their candidate of choice will NOT be an opportunistic Bush, or a financial empire building Pat Robertson. THEIR candidate will be the most obnoxious, gay hating, black hating, Semite hating White Anglo Saxon Protestant in America who goes to Church every Sunday, and believes in his heart of hearts that Mohammed was a pedophile and a terrorist someone like Franklin Graham or that Dan Savage nutball. And they'll get MORE money from Wall Street, not less, because a nation controlled by true believing Evangelical Christians is a nation you can send to war over and over and over again, and war is the most profitable thing that Wall Street makes now that slavery is illegal.
And guess what?
That's just one stepping stone toward potential disaster. In and of itself, a perfect lie detector is a wonderful idea which will save us a ton of grief and help to eliminate political corruption.
But when you combine this technology with the other stuff in the pipeline which is going to emerge shortly after the early and easy firmware and software reading technologies, things get complicated and scary.
A quick primer. A human mind can be broken down into basic components like a computer hardware, firmware, and software. The hardware is the biological components of the brain. The firmware is the hard wired operating system which the brain is born with but which also changes over time, kind of like upgrading to Windows Vista from Windows XP. As our database grows, it affects the operating system so that people born with dyslexia and other disabilities are able to adapt and overcome their faulty firmware Albert Einstein is a good example of a dyslexic who managed to adapt and overcome the bugs in his operating system. The software is the stuff we input into the brain using our five senses, and the stuff our brain comes up with based on that sensory input.
At the present time, we have most of the hardware fully mapped. We've identified the major components, figured out what they do and figured out which components each piece of the brain interacts with. We're in the process of mapping the firmware. Just this month, a complete map of the firmware of a mouse brain was posted on the internet, and can be found at the link below.;jsessionid=
Thanks to computer processing speeds, we've also made huge leaps forward when it comes to remotely reading and even projecting stuff into the brain's software. Through the slow and steady process of trial and error, scientists at MIT and elsewhere can now sit a subject down in front of a collection of images, and identify which image the person is looking at. They can project sound and music into people's heads using an electromagnetic field with no actual energy waves in the audio spectrum being present. This is not science fiction. It's happening right now, today, in labs all over the world. We're starting to be able to know what a given human mind is thinking about remotely, from a distance, with or without the co-operation of the individual.
Slowly but surely, we're progressing to the point where we'll be so good at manipulating the brain's hardware, firmware and software that we'll be able to create computer Artificial Intelligence which is sentient and can mimic a human mind, with the ability to learn, have ideas, and all which that entails. That's the part which scares Kurzweil and Kaczinsky. But that's not my major concern at this time. In my opinion, fear of AI has been overblown and negatively influenced by movies like the Terminator while the implications of AI may be scary and may lead to serious trouble, that trouble is not a sure thing.
For me, something else which is implied by these technologies and where they're leading us is MUCH scarier than artificial intelligence. Once we've got the firmware licked, and once we're comfortable reading the software, the next logical steps are consciousness transfer - something Kurzweil is looking forward to and which I haven't yet decided is good or bad ­ and the rewriting of the brain's firmware and software. The latter is the REALLY scary bit.
Most of you have seen that Arnold movie Total Recall, where Arnie goes to visit this place which sells memories for a fee, they implant a complete set of memories of a dream vacation in your brain, and afterwards you remember it all like you were actually there. This is a very real possibility in the very near future, and such distractions will be harmless for the most part middle aged perverts buying sexual memories instead of cheating on their spouse, that sort of thing. You can bet your ass that the porn industry will be one of the earliest, if not THE earliest, adopter of this technology.
Memory implantation will be easy once we've figured out the firmware/software issues, because we already know that the brain cannot differentiate between what it sees and what it remembers.
But memory implants are the least of our worries.
What REALLY scares me is that shortly after we can mess around with the software, the next thing we'll be doing is working on rewriting the firmware of living human beings. Combine this with a situation like we have today, where religious fundamentalists control the USA, Israel, and all the Arab states, and you have a guaranteed recipe for disaster. One which will be made even worse because our religious leaders in this near future will ALL be true believing fundamentalists instead of manipulators who are just using religion for fun and profit.
Consider the track record of Christians from the time of Constantine to the present. Mass genocides of Pagans under the Byzantines. More genocide, murder, and rape as a weapon of genetic imprinting under Charlemagne and the Holy Inquisition 1100 continuous years of it until Napoleon saved the white race from the clutches of the Church and proved that the Catholic leadership, all the way up to the Pope, were nothing more than self interested charlatans who chose to become Napoleon's bitch, obey his orders to shut down the Inquisition, and crown him Holy Roman Emperor rather than be martyred like Saint Paul or the early pre-Constantine Christians would have done. Even the Pope was not a true believer imagine that. The French revolution also put an end to Prima Nocte, which is another reason why Europe's ruling class has demonized Napoleon so severely he took away their legal right to rape little girls, a right approved by the Church with a wink and a nod. And for this, to this very day the Christian controlled history books call Napoleon evil not because he actually WAS evil, but because he exposed the Church and European aristocracy as hypocrites for all the world to see and made a mockery of the title of Holy Roman Emperor to have a few laughs at their expense.
Even after being exposed by Napoleon, the Church STILL has such a stranglehold over our society that we're incapable of looking at the history of Europe without distorting things in order to demonize anyone who has threatened the authority of the Church in a significant way. The Vandals asking the Moors for help in defending their homeland in Southern Spain from Christian fanatics was rewritten into a Moorish "invasion" of Christian lands which weren't Christian lands at all, and were in fact lands populated by pagans who asked the Arabs for protection from Europe's insane, genocidal Christian soldiers. The evidence of the mostly peaceful transition to Muslim rule has been right in front of our noses the whole time ANDALusia continued to be a land named after its indigenous people, the vANDALS, even after the Muslims took control of infrastructure and security. The Christian invasion of Andalusia was rewritten as a "reconquest" of Spain by Christians, when those lands were never Christian in the first place, and had actively resisted Christian domination for many generations. Only now, thanks to modern archeology, is the truth coming to light, because the Church did such a thorough job of killing off every last person who wouldn't back the Church's official story instead of the truth.
From these examples, a few things about the Christian mind become plain as day: they have an historical track record which demonstrates a willingness to wipe out entire races of people who won't accept Christian domination. They have a track record of rewriting history and killing anyone who won't accept the Christian's lies as truth. They have a track record of using any and all means at their disposal to coerce, brainwash, and torture non-Christians into becoming Christians. To this very day, they perform barbaric, traumatic, and sometimes fatal Exorcisms on their own people when those people stray too far from the path of Christian intolerance and rigidity. None of this can be disputed by any intelligent person, because we have records of all of it.
Now consider the following: the stated long term goal of Christianity, set down in writing in the fabricated Book of Revelations, is the murder of every last non-Christian man, woman, and child on planet earth, after which Christians will take all these pagan souls and burn them in hellfire for all eternity. The stated goal of Jews and Muslims is pretty much the same, except they're the people doing the killing and all the others are ones doing the dying. Like Adolph Hitler, they have committed their goal of planetary genocide in writing for all to see. They cannot claim this is NOT their goal, because it's right there written in their holy books. Jesus will return, the Jewish Messiah will return, the Mahdi will return, and kick everyone else's ass until there is a single, uniform belief system subscribed to by every last human being on the planet because all other infidels are dead. All three sects of the serpent cult are working toward Armageddon in their own way, infecting human brains with an infectious disease which actively disempowers the rational mind and empowers the reptilian brain in its place, and they will never stop killing until they've killed or forcibly converted the rest of us or they themselves are wiped out to the last man, woman, and child.
As was the case with Hitler, non-violent resistance or Satyagraha is not going to work with these people, especially not twenty years from now when all their remaining leaders are true fundamentalist believers. If they are still in charge, they WILL use existing technologies to rape people's brains, and they'll do it without batting an eyelash. Hitler put his plans in writing and told the world precisely what he planned to do to people. We ignored him, and look how well THAT turned out for the human race. We're doing the same thing with Muslims, Christians, and Jews, who actually want to kill even MORE people than Hitler did. With the technologies that are coming, we can no longer ignore their goals as being impossible or unachievable, and have to act accordingly.
Once we have the technology to rewrite firmware at the RNA/DNA level and to implant whatever software we like into the system, if monotheism still exists in its present form and has not been subjected to the same sort of laws we use against corporations for false advertising, based on the track record of past Christian behavior, and taking into account that Catholics just elected an actual card carrying member of the Hitler Youth as Christ's representative on earth, we're going to have a very serious problem on our hands.
I can already tell you what Evangelicals will do first with this technology, even if the government puts a ban on using it on people without their consent. If it gets banned, they'll just send their own scientists to school so they can run underground programs like the coat hanger abortionists used to do. And the first thing they'll do with this technology is to use it on their own kids, before they reach the age of consent. They'll use it to rape the brains of children and force the gay, liberal, and atheist children in their midst into becoming "good Christians" by forcibly reprogramming their children's brains into what they perceive as a "social norm". It will get to the point where they do this as soon as their child is born, in order to ensure that the child is born without free will or freedom to live his or her life as nature intended. It's the only conceivable way that their primitive, devolved mind set will be able to continue its existence in an Age of Reason, so you can be damn sure they're going to do it. They will quite literally use technology to try and bring human evolution to a standstill in order to preserve a mental illness which we should have been able to vaccinate our children against a long, long time ago.
Bank on it. Based on their track record, this is not a maybe.
They WILL do it, and even worse, they'll try and ram legislation down our throats which will attempt to legally enshrine THEIR image of a "normal" (ie. Mentally ill) human mind as the social norm.
Maybe such a drastic thing won't happen in places like California.
But it WILL happen in the Red states. And it WILL happen under the Saudis, the Kuwaitis, and the Iranians if we don't eliminate these monarchies and theocracies slavery is still legal in Saudi Arabia for fuck's sake. They're ALREADY trying to "cure" gay people.
What do you think they're going to do to homosexuals once they have the ability to forcibly rewrite a gay person's mind to reverse their sexual attraction?
What do you think they'll do to the next Galileo, or Darwin, or to anyone who tries to play god and clone human beings?
It will usher in a whole new era of lynch mobs a return to the Christian roots of the Ku Klux Klan. They'll be running around in posses, abducting scientists and gays and atheists and liberals, and raping their brains the way they used to rape virgins and slaves. It's inevitable unless they're disempowered within one generation, two at most.
Right about now, some of you are calling me a hypocrite for wanting to kill all monotheists, and probably pointing out that Bush's stated goal is to bring democracy to the Middle East, which in theory should eliminate the fundamentalist owned and operated nation states. But the fact of the matter is, Bush isn't trying to install democracy in the Middle East. That has NEVER been his goal. His goal was to invade Iraq and replace the only independent secular Muslim government in the Middle East with a controllable puppet dictatorship which would put Iraqi oil back onto the US dollar. But that goal got shot all to Hell when he invaded Fallujah, and now he has no goals whatsoever he has no exit plan, no plan for how to deal with the current civil war, and absolutely no clue how to escape this trap of his own making without looking like the worst POTUS in American history. He's just sort of hoping that it will all go away if he pretends that everything is fine, and keeps on pretending that he's winning the war. And in two years time, it becomes someone else's problem. All he has to do is ignore the problem for two years. I'm not being facetious here. I honestly think that's the only real strategy Bush has left float through until December 2008 by pretending nothing's wrong.
What he's PROBABLY going to do is distract the American public by invading Somalia in the Summer or Fall. He's already sent his Ethiopian puppets who he's provided with a ridiculous amount of military aid to go invade Somalia and stir up trouble. Once the Islamists resort to suicide attacks to drive the Ethiopian invaders out, Bush will have his pretext for invading Somalia he'll have to go in to fight terrorism. It will have absolutely nothing to do with the untapped uranium deposits in Somalia, honestly. We promise. Trust us, we go to Church on Sundays
As for my wanting to eliminate all monotheists, if there was a practical way to do it, I'd be all for it. They're only 25% of the human population, and the stupidest 25% at that. So stupid that they actually believe that the entire universe was created in seven days, five thousand years ago, that we used to be like the Flintstones living side by side with dinosaurs who somehow managed to go extinct within 1400 years without anyone noticing, and that somehow a non-existent god managed to create light BEFORE creating a light source, the stars, a few days later. Seriously, how damaged does ones brain have to be in order to believe this crap?
This planet, and the human race, would be MUCH better off without any form of monotheism. We'd be better off without ALL organized religion, period. But none of the other faiths are even a fraction as damaging as this one particular meme it's worse than AIDS, Cancer, Ebola and Anthrax all rolled into one. It's killed more people than all of them combined too.
We can actually blame most bubonic plague deaths in Europe during the Middle Ages not on the plague itself or on the rats that carried it, but on the Church. Seriously. They turned the entire population of Europe into permanent carriers of the plague by ordering people not to bathe, because they claimed that the Devil was in the water, and that getting sick was God's punishment for bathing in the Devil's water. Without that kind of amazingly insightful leadership doing its best to drown out the physicians of the age who were trying to explain what an airborne virus was, Europe's doctors would probably have been able to successfully institute quarantines a LOT more efficiently. Those people died needlessly because Christian ignorance won out over the truth. And the same thing is happening again today. Because of Christian ignorance standing in the way of stem cell research and cloning, millions of people are suffering needlessly. Their stupidity truly knows no bounds.
Even in this day and age, they insist on putting their heads in the sand, refusing to grow up and look into Galileo's telescope, because deep down they already know that as soon as they DO look, as soon as they DO open their eyes, they'll be proven wrong once again, for like the millionth time.
Freedom of religion is one thing. It should not equate to freedom to push mankind into an endless series of needless wars, nor should it equate to the rest of us being forced to listen to their bullshit. You want to worship and pray in the privacy of your own home, fine. You want to get together with friends and pray and exchange ideas about your faith, fine. But there should be laws against proselytizing in public if the things that the fanatic is saying can be proven to be false. When someone like Jerry Falwell claims that the Bible in his hand, written in English and not in ancient Hebrew, Coptic, or Heiroglyphs is the literal word of god, he knows for a fact that he's lying, because those original words were written in a language which doesn't have any vowels, and the book in his hand is a translation of a translation of a translation of a heavily edited text. He should be prosecuted for false advertising and thrown into solitary confinement so he can't infect others with his harmful and deliberate lies. If Mr. Falwell wants to teach about Jesus, he should be required to inform his student of the fact that the teachings of Jesus which have been found in Jesus own tongue from his own time do not teach the same things as the teachings of Jesus found in texts written in the languages of Caucasians, Latin and Greek. He should be required by law to inform the student that the text he's currently using was compiled by white guys 300 years after Jesus died, by a scribe named Eusebius, and that the reason why the other gospels weren't found until modern times was because the same white guys who agreed on the official Roman version murdered all the Christians who refused to accept the edited version as the teachings of Jesus.
People have the right to believe whatever nonsense they want to believe. I would never begrudge someone the right to believe what they want, or say what they want, so long as they're not deliberately lying to people to cause harm. And I'm sorry, but telling some poor confused gay teenager that he's an abomination who is going to burn in a non-existent hell for all eternity is
deliberately lying to cause harm. The intent is to so badly traumatize this individual, to instill in them such fear and self loathing that they're forced to subscribe to your belief system in order to retain their sanity. Whether the person saying that the gay kid is going to hell believes in god and heaven and hell or not is irrelevant. What IS relevant is the speaker's intent to cause trauma to another human being by telling a deliberate lie when he claims that homosexuality is a conscious choice and not a genetic predisposition, when in fact that's precisely what it is.
Christians have found every imaginable loophole through which to abuse the rest of us on "religious grounds". It's high time that we started fighting back against their legislative pushes by pushing for some legislation of our own. And every time the Christians sue to get Creationism or Intelligent Design taught in schools, or get a School board elected who will force ID into classrooms, we should be filing lawsuits against the Christian School Board demanding equal time alongside Intelligent Design and Evolution for Flying Spaghetti Monsterism, Rastafarians, Heaven's Gate Cultists, Raelians and Jedi Knights. Their stated intent where teaching intelligent design is concerned is to provide students with an alternate theory to the theory of Evolution, and yet they don't actually provide a scientific theory. They present what a
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