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Harper announces major cabinet shuffle, drops Ambrose from environment

By lungta     Jan 4, 2007 in Politics
Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced a major cabinet shuffle Thursday as he moved to reinvigorate his minority government with the threat of a spring election looming.
As I patiently wait for the appearance of the “new Canadian emperor” to issue his dictates from on high concerning the portfolio changes that have had to occur mostly because despite the appeal of predatory policies and a small hit list of evil to address the “new Canadian government” has really missed the concerns of the Canadian people.
The metaphor that works best for me is that of a hospital .we have policies now that will appease all of the staff, all of the doctors, address the cosmetics and streamline the operation. What an economic marvel is being worked. The only part that seems to be forgotten are the sick the wounded and the needy.
When a party is run from a single mouth it qualifies as a dictatorship. On a day of major shuffles of portfolios and arguably promotions and rewards you would think that the ideas of the participants and there excitement would be allowed as they view the future.
As they are the governing forces I personally would like to hear their ideas. But in a censoring move all focus is on the PM…again..
Its not a bad move really on steves’ part considering that the machine he is driving is still a collection of reform candidates that needed straight jackets and alliance candidates that needed muzzles cobbled together under a high jacked conservative flag.
As nobody can issue a release that has not been personally read by steve and his red pen you can never know can you? The only thing that you can really know is that this should throw up the biggest red flag. When you encounter a no talking rule you have to know that you are dealing with a dysfunctional situation where things are being covered up and and controlled for a reason because if the charade was disclosed the house would crumble.
Argue if you will that this is just politics as usual especially in the post 911 age and that may be true but it is as far from freedom and educated democracy as you can get as voting becomes a just trust me and choose exercise of the best advertising campaign which as that is equal with nobody talking then the outcome is decided by penalty points.
The best part of steves new government may be that decorum has returned to the house of commons now that the howling of steve has ceased.
It was amusing that even when the liberals were caught at arguably their weakest point with virtually everyone in the country angry about 13 years of the standard abuses of power ( if you think the conservatives are any less human and that there will be any difference … dream on) and the conservatives were their strongest, riding the untested wave of idealistic optimism the contest result was a razor thin draw..
Now as failure in social areas, environmental ineptitude, the gutting of income trusts, alienation of the French, retarded child care polices, and tiddling tax breaks for the consumer that favor the corporate world and aggressive Afghanistan polices ( yes we are helping those we don’t kill) to name a few, pare away at the support it becomes (as the conservatives are so quick to do) an exact echo of the lame duck pres down south.
Both have indicated a lack of compassion, empathy, understanding and vision domestically and internationally and a disregard beyond lip service for the welfare of their people. And.. To paraphrase Einstein… the damage done will take an intelligence much larger than the intelligence that caused it
There is much more to point at as indicators.
I was struck this morning in the wake of former president fords funeral how much this ceremonious name change and shuffle resembled a funeral. The black suits, the somber faces, the appeasing choir in French, the air of uncomfortable civility, the empty podium where the joy of the prospect of the future used to be voiced empty at steves dictate, the silent withdrawal by everyone watching the row of huge black limousines drive away in silence as everyone is left wondering what it means.
It becomes so symbolic.
I was gagged at steve lowering the flag for a dead president after the decision to not honor the falling Canadians.
That simple decision may tell us more than any of the empty spin of changing chairs in Ottawa.
Or you can believe that changing hats will make you smarter and if you do your probably conservative….
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