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Cabbie confonted for Rudeness, then Rams them with his Car, Now Saught by Police

By Critical_Conformity     Jan 4, 2007 in Crime
a taxi driver they caught taking a whizz against a wall at a south-end mall, goes ahead after being confronted and rams his car into them.
"It's lewd," says Gallien, 36. "It was blatant. He was peeing right there against the wall. I was just being a good citizen. I'd feel bad if I ignored it."
Gallien pulled over and told the driver -- politely he insists -- not to urinate in public in broad daylight.
"He got very aggressive," Gallien says. He all of a sudden went at us. He hits our car with his taxi," Gallien said.
Local store worker says "He was doing his business on our wall. It's pretty gross," Lazecky says. "It's a mall. There are public washrooms everywhere."
Thats just lazy and crazy behaviour on behalf of the guy driving the cab. My experience has been most cab drivers are fine people. My best friend is a cab driver, he cool.
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