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Fury as Reality TV teenagers play house with REAL babies

By bobSP     Jan 3, 2007 in Entertainment
The BBC has outraged child protection experts by producing a reality TV show where infants are handed over to live with teenage 'parents'.
The TV show--The Baby Borrowers--follows the problems of teenagers as they struggle to deal with babies..of course these aren't their children, they belong to other parents..
Couples between the ages of 16 and 19 have been filmed while attempting to care for babies and toddlers. However, authorities are worried about the 'very real risk' of damages done to the children..and have urged the BBC to cancel the series.
In one of the episodes a child goes an entire day without food. (WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE??) And on another occasion, a child can not be cared for because the two 'parents' are too busy fighting with each other.
The corporation has ignored the formal protests and has even refused to allow social workers on the set to monitor the children.
These people are putting the babies lives at risk for RATINGS. This is ludicrous..I'm outraged that the authorities have done nothing about this problem. One child went hungry already, what's next? An infant is forgotten about while they are in the tub? I can not imagine what would make anyone think this was a good idea...I hope for the children's sake, this is canceled very, very soon.
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