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article imageHow To Use iTunes With Any MP3 Players

By guj_*     Jan 3, 2007 in Technology
An easy way to get your non-iPod Mp3 player working with iTunes.
Are you one of those ’special people’ who don’t have an iPod and use a different mp3 player? Well if you are, but you still want to use iTunes which is the best music player around, then this great little application could be the solution. BadApple is a free plugin that allows you to sync your iTunes library with any MP3 player. It works with many popular players including Creative Nomad, Dell DJ, Oakley Thump and Archos.
You won’t be able to use it to play tracks purchased from iTunes, but all other tracks will be ok. To setup BadApple follow the instructions below:
1. Download and run the setup application. You must already have iTunes software installed. (Get this from if you don’t have it.)
2. After installing BadApple, open iTunes software as you normally would and click on the “Music Store” link in the left hand column
3. You will see the new features added to the main iTunes window. Click on the “Sync to MP3 player”
4. If you have more than one device mounted you will then be asked to select which device to sync to
5. You will receive a confirmation message indicating how many songs were copied upon completion.
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