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article imageDuke Invites two Lacrosse Players Back to School

By bobSP     Jan 3, 2007 in World
Duke lacrosse defendants Colin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann have been Invited by Duke to attend school once again.
The other defendant, David Evans, has already graduated last spring because he was a senior, the other two, however, are just now being invited back. They have been suspended since the assault charges were first brought to light.
Last month the rape charges were dropped against the three players, but they still face other charges: kidnapping and sexual offenses. Of course, neither of these charges have a leg to stand on, so Duke has gone ahead and decided to do the right thing and invite the young men back.
The rape charges were dropped when the defendant said she didn't 'remember' if she had been penetrated. The accuser, a 28-year-old stripper, said the three men raped her..but the other stripper at the party as refuted that claim--as has the complete lack of any type of evidence.
The Duke lacrosse team was also suspended from play, but was reinstated in June on a provisionary basis.
The prosecutor, Nifong, is under investigation for his ethically corrupt and criminally inept behavior during the trial. If found at fault, he will be dis-barred.
I'm glad these young men, who have been so falsely accused, will be allowed back to school. Nifong has been out for blood ever since he heard about this volatile 'case,' and has done everything--ethically and unethically--possible to prejudice the jury against them. There is no evidence against them, a morally questionable 'victim' and there is simply far too much evidence for them.
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