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article imageVietnam restricts online gaming

By bobSP     Jan 3, 2007 in World
Tough new restrictions intended to curb the playing of online computer games have come fully into force in Vietnam.
The new restrictions follow concerns from teachers and officials about the effect online games were having on young people who played them for several hours at a time.
Despite this, some game companies are finding it difficult to put the new rules into effect. Some have been fined or forced to close down, but others continue to disobey the law.
The most popular computer game is Vo Lam (Swordsman) and it's thought to have a quarter of a million players.
According to one man in a games cafe, some of its players have become virtual addicts.
"Some special cases play this game 24 hours a day - 24 hours a day."
Much like the governments of Western nations, Vietnam's authorities became concerned about the effect of video games after noticing a generation of kids hunched over computers instead of playing outside.
In June, they announced new restrictions which were intended to limit playing sessions to five hours.
A lot of people may jump on this but this doesn't strike me as truly harsh. 5 hours at a time isn't really so bad of a restriction. It's true that some people really are addicted to video games, to the detriment of their health/lives. If the Vietnam government is trying to help their people, should their style of government really affect how we view them?
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