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article imageIsraeli Device Dogs Intruders

By Chris V. Thangham     Jan 3, 2007 in Crime
Coupled with Dog barks, sensors trigger an Alarm for the Prison Guards when there is a prison escapee.
An Israeli firm has designed a security system to ensure jailbreakers or intruders find a guard dog's bark can indeed be worse than its bite.
Harnessing technology that interprets barking -- to see if an animal is responding to a threat instead of just routinely woofing -- the company aims to replace or supplement expensive electronic surveillance systems.
Dogs bark for all kinds of reasons, but an Israeli firm found that they bark the same when an intruder breaks away from a Prison, they call it alarm bark. They analyzed these barks from various dogs and breeds and found that they have the same kind of alarm bark. Dogs have a good night vision and superior sense and smell compared to Humans, with this dog bark, they can sense a prison escapee correctly. With the aid of special sensors, when a dog has an alarm bark, the sensors trigger an alarm for the guards. A novel idea, I wish we could figure that in our homes also, my neighbor had a dog but she didn't bark at all, let the thief take away all the belongings.
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