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Infectious Videos getting viral with Google AdSense

By tyinquarter     Jan 1, 2007 in Technology is spreading. The cure? This vlog (video log) site is bringing Google AdSense to their members for a fifty/fifty split!
Another fantastic site I ran across while searching through a list at a favorite link site I frequent is INFECTIOUSVIDEOS.COM. It is a social bookmarking community for videos. You do not have to be a registered user to post videos but registering has a tremendous advantage. Infectious Videos has gotten permission from Google to use AdSense accounts of their registered users in a fifty/fifty split. Registration is quick and simple. Of course you need to create you profile for some tagging and interaction in the community. What shocked me was the ease of setting up the AdSense. If you do not have an account, directions are given to help you receive your approval to post Google AdSense ads. In my case, I had already been approved for AdSense and had been using it in my blog. For this site, I created any text ad code and uploaded the sniplet to the Infectious Video site. That was it. In an instant a customized ad popped up and I was ready to post my embedded video code. The site is still in Beta but it looks as if the developers have done an excellent job keeping the community up to date with issues. They have also provided wonderfully easy tutorials and made the site extremely user friendly. Help spread it!
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