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Google Video Contact Manager, Send Videos to your Gmail Contacts

By Chris V. Thangham     Dec 31, 2006 in Entertainment
You can send Videos to your Gmail Contacts via this Google Video Contact Manager
Google Video has a new feature that lets you send a link to a video much more easily. Google Video already had a way to share videos, but you had to type emails and the autocomplete was barely usable.
Now you can see all your contacts or just the most contacted, you can search for a contact and even get a picture for contacts that use Gmail and lets you see it.
The new contact manager is not yet available from Google Video's interface, but you can see it if you go to a Google Video (like this one) and type:
in the address bar. Now press enter and a new window will open. You need to be logged in with your Gmail account.
When you see a video you like you can send a copy of the link to your friends or family, but it is tedious when you have more than a few e-mail addresses to send. You have to copy and paste for each email address. With this Video Contact manager, a Greasemonkey extension for Firefox (but you don't need to have Greasemonkey installed in Firefox), you can type th e-mail addresses in the Google Video E-mail link quickly. Basically Google Video uses your Gmail contacts to send the video, just type the first few letters, it will sense the e-mail addresses in your Gmail and you can add it there in Google Video. To do this, follow these simple steps:
1. Go to Google Video: [url=]
2. Type in the address bar: javascript:handlePickerClick(0);void(0);
3. Then you can start entering e-mail addresses in the Contact manager or in the main Google Video Page.
4. The contacts will receive the links of the video by e-mail, then they can click and watch the video.
I just send the Video links to my friends, it works great. Only thing you have to remember the javascript code. But eventually Google Video will have this option automatically in the future.
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