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By lungta     Dec 27, 2006 in World
"We have allowed the elected leaders in this country (America) to work against us at every turn, knowing full well that they are lying through their teeth in order to turn sovereign America into a global region."
Canada is just a fridge full of resources to these guys. What they can’t buy will be just taken…for national security I imagine. Think of the day when American water shortages threaten security. Invasion is about a four hour affair (90% of the Canadian population is within 200 miles of the 49 parallel) if it hasent already been arranged at the unification of north amercan military meetings held every year.
( kinda funny I cant get the entire article anymore…those web scrubbers at the USAF have been busy)
The thirsty man has little morality and it will all happen so fast …death by lack of water is a three day affair.
Just cruised the latest and most popular headlines and was not disappointed.
The kind of things that get posted here are usually those lil bits of trivia that entertainment for the masses. That’s not any sort of dis but in a user site reaching the lowest common denominator to achieve a wide paying audience is the name of the game. Thus the sensational, the aberrant the novel and the consumer products will rule.
I did have higher hopes but then again I had higher hopes for all of it.
So into this penny frolicking I’m going to throw this bit of sobering trend analysis.
Just because I can.
Most of us are floating along with no visible means of support like a magic trick of the greatest illusionist. Left singularly to our own devises without the ever increasingly shaky support systems we have come to depend on, most if not all of us would find life on the planet most difficult.
It may as mentioned in the article all be irretrievable …or it may not depending on your awarness. Good luck with the events of the coming year.
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