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Bald Eagle to Be Taken Off Endangered List

By Rumble     Dec 25, 2006 in Environment
Seven years after the U.S. government moved to take the bald eagle off the endangered species list, the Bush administration intends to complete the step by February, prodded by a frustrated libertarian property owner in Minnesota.
The delisting, supported by mainstream environmental groups, would represent a formal declaration that the eagle population has sufficiently rebounded, increasing more than 15-fold since its 1963 nadir to more than 7,000 nesting pairs.
Although the majestic raptor will no longer be covered by the Endangered Species Act, two earlier laws and a few carefully written phrases are expected to balance respect for the eagle with an appreciation for property rights.
I recently got to see one of these beautiful creatures for the first time in the wild here in Ohio, I am ecstatic to see them make a rebound. I think with the laws they have written to ensure their protection is a great thing as well.