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article imageMan drugged, raped preteen daughters' friends

By bobSP     Dec 23, 2006 in Crime
New Internet-snooping technology helped law enforcement catch a man who drugged and raped several girls..however, they originally thought they were raiding a child-porn clearinghouse.
When they raided the house, they discovered it was not a child-porn clearinghouse..rather it was the place of a much more serious, much more sickening crime: child rape.
The child-raper provided the evidence against himself: he had set up an elaborate network of video cameras to capture his sexual assaults on tape. When the police found the tapes, they discovered that at least 7 preteen girls had been raped--it's thought that there may be even more.
The police are urging all the parents from the neighborhood to call them to find out if anything had happened to their children..I can't imagine what it would feel like to know that your daughter may have been one of the girls this freak drugged and raped.
I think the prosecutor hit the nail on the head here: "he is a cancer on society." and must be put away, for life. This guy had daughters...It isn't that big of leap to think he may have started with them...this guy just makes me want to vomit..what a piece of crap.