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article imageThe Smallest living organisms just got smaller--Nanoorganisms found

By bobSP     Dec 23, 2006 in Technology
Research Scientists have found Bacteria the size of large Virii in acid mine-drainage. They found the newly discovered organisms with shotgun sequencing--the same process used to map the human genome.
"These were totally new and very small organisms we didn't know how to culture with standard techniques. This shows the great promise of shotgun sequencing to profile a community of organisms without making any assumptions about what is there."
This discovering validates the shotgun-sequencing's other can not only help search for certain things, it can find new organisms that are otherwise too small and too rare to find with other techniques.
"We were essentially looking for new stuff, and we found it in all the samples studied, though at low abundance," said one scientist.
The organisms found live off of a self-sufficient process of oxidizing iron and creating sulfuric acid.
The scientific world just keeps expanding. This sure is some exciting news..who knows what we'll start discovering with this stuff. Energy resources, the history of the earth--anything and everything.
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