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PM ready to risk election defeat over Afghanistan

By lungta     Dec 21, 2006 in Politics
In the land of political double speak and groomed fireside chats comes some very obtuse reasoning and the softest questions ever asked........................................
PM Steve Harper says he will not "cut and run" on the Afghani mission
So who made this Steve guy our very own war president?
And of course he doesn't care if he is re-elected as he has already done his bit to ensure the up scaling of our involvement in the "endless war” economy. OR if you believe him as he speaks, he is making his decisions after listening to soldiers on the ground or to grief stricken families...there’s some sterling perspective to commit the future of Canadians on.
Harper has used this dubious conflict to endear himself to the republicans and the Bilderberg group(an elitist world policy directorate that he has attended and hosted in Ottawa this summer) Talk about making political mileage off the backs of our troops...its the only mileage "the new Canadian government" has made as every other pertinent issue has lost social and economic ground under them.
So in “their” eyes he has made the contribution and as being in these elevated circles is more important than a political post why wouldn't he "stay the course "regardless that 58% of Canadians say "get out" according to Angus Reid.
This is the typical shallow echo of what is being done by Bush in the US. A year long report said get out quick ....which George interprets as send in 50000 more troops somehow at a cost of 100 billion...and i would venture for the same reasons.
To me its no surprise he idolizes Tony Blair as the British public have rightly labeled Tony "the little American lap dog"’s almost too perfect.
So if you’re not getting it appears these three are serving a different agenda than the intent of the people that they serve. The fear based decisions out of a dubious and possibly fictitious “war on terror" will ensure that the “war on terror" continues ad nasium.
And at great profit for some it will be business as usual. Thank you Steve.