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Weight might be linked to type of bacteria

By Tea Lulic     Dec 20, 2006 in Health
According to new research, the size of your gut may be partly shaped by which microbes call it home.
The research states that both mice and humans had more of one type of bacteria and less of another kind. The research suggests that "microbial component" appears to contribute to obesity. Both mice and humans had more of Firmicutes (a bacteria). However, the researchers are not sure if this bacteria makes you obese or if obese people just have more of this kind of bacteria.
This is new beakthrough because it could lead scientists to a path to fight obesity: changing bacteria in the intestines and stomach. It also may help fight malnutrition in the developing world.
"We are getting more and more evidence to show that obesity isn't what we thought it used to be," Dhurandhar said. "It isn't just (that) you're eating too much and you're lazy."
This shold be interesting. I would want to find out how exactly would they change this bacteria. Also, some people are not obese because they eat too much or are lazy, but because of genetics. According to Bouschard (scientist who did research on twins about obesity) there's a 25-40% link to genetics if someone is obese in the family. But never mind that: this is still a breakthrough in one of the most deadly diseases.