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Sony’s Review

By Bel     Dec 18, 2006 in Entertainment
Looking for an alternative for Bittorrent? Time to check out befor it is too late because they have been sewed by Universal Music Group.
First, for all of you that don’t know yet; it is a files and video sharing site much like Mydonkey was on which you can also upload your video’s and manage your friends network in the same way does. A few months ago Sony bought it for a modest 65 million $ and now the Sony plans are becoming clear.
If you saw the short video, you migth have noticed that this particular user even managed to view Grouper videos on his TV and that's where the pain to the big movie indurstrialists is..
The functionality of Grouper has become enormous and what’s more it is presented in a very user-friendly way, simple and easy manageable. Have a look at some videos on One thing I like is that there are buttons next to the videos with which you can directly post these to your profile on e.g. or This makes it very easy to upload a video to your blog, no html knowledge needed here..
So Grouper is very good, in my opinion it is even better than Youtube. The sad thing is that their community and video database isn’t as large as Youtube’s (yet).
You will probably understand what all the fuzz is about, it’s the online document sharing component of Grouper. If you become a member you can literally share all your computers’ content, including music and video files with anyone you added to your Grouper network. With the demise of the bit-torrent sites this has become a very attractive alternative for everyone who wants to share files. Now Universal Music Group decided they have had enough and are preparing lawsuits.
I wonder where this will stop. Microsoft’s new MSN messenger also offers you the opportunity to share files. Are those companies who make it possible to share file always liable? What about the video’s of music you video to others? I’d love to hear your opinion about this. I wonder who will win this..
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