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Clinton vs Obama: the battle that could shatter her dreams

By Carolyn E. Price     Dec 17, 2006 in Politics
"In the murky world of Hillary Clinton's undeclared run for the White House, official denials and bland statements are ubiquitous." Last week her campaign moved rapidly into high gear, spurred into action by the meteoric rise of Barack Obama.
Hillary Clinton's undeclared bid for the Democratic nomination for president has been spurred into high gear after the meteoric rise of rival Senator Barack Obama. Mrs. Clinton has been hosting dinners with key officials from New Hampshire and Iowa, states that are vital first battlegrounds in the nomination process, and she's been hitting the phones to key players in other states trying to drum up publicity to counter Mr. Obama's coverage in the press. Mrs. Clinton's carefully laid plans, years in the making, seem to be going down the tubes after the unexpected emergence of the charismatic and smooth talking Obama.
It looks like Hillary has got a real fight on her hands now.
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