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Police find woman weighing 43 pounds

By greger69     Dec 16, 2006 in Crime
A 22-year-old developmentally disabled woman weighing only 43 pounds was found in a bedroom at her mother's home, and the mothe was charged with abusing her.
Police went to the home to look for a man in an unrelated assault complaint, while searching the second floor they were overcome with a foul odor. The woman was found wearing a t-shirt and diapers on a mattress stained with urine and feces.
The mother was charged with second degree abuse of a vulnerable adult and could face up to 4 years in jail.
I really dont understand why things like this happen when the problem can be so easily fixed, if you have a disabled person living with you and you cant or dont want to take care of them, then simply have them put in a home or institution where they will be taken care of. I know this isn't a very easy thing to do to a loved one, but it has to be easier than letting them lay uncared for in thier own feces.
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