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Tony Blair Questioned by police in cash-for-honors probe

By greger69     Dec 14, 2006 in Politics
British Prime Minister Tony Blair was questioned by police Thursday probing allegations that his ruling party gave honors to financial backers, his office said.
Downing street said the interview had not taken place under caution, which would be the case if Blair was a suspect.
Police have been investigation all three major politcal parties holding seats in the House of Lords and other honors in exghange for secret loans.
Blair has been forced to acknowledge some supporters who offered the loans were nominated for seats in the house of Lords.
When the cash for honors investigation began in March it was widely assumed that the specialist Scotland yard unit would concentrate on wether there had been a breach of the 1925 law which made the sale of peerages illegal, brought in after Lloyd George had been exposed for selling honors.
It is now clear that John Yates , the assistant deputy commissioner in charge of the inquiry, is cocentrating his efforts on the 2000 political parties, Elections and Referendum Act introduced be Tony Blair to clean up political funding. The act required all donations of 5000 pounds or more to be disclosed.
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