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Astrological signs and bad driving linked in study

By Brandigal (Donna)     Dec 14, 2006 in Lifestyle
A new study is out stating that predicting good or bad driving habits could be as simple as reading one's horoscope.
The study suggests that Libras, "who celebrate their birthdays between Sept. 23-Oct. 22 and are supposed to embody balance, turned out to be the worst drivers, "(As a motorist), you have to make snap decisions, and Libras are no good about making snap decisions." said Lee Romanov, president of the Toronto based website
It also states that Aquarius and Aries struggle on the road but that Leos, Gemini and Cancer seem to have the least problems behind the wheel.
This study is not expected to affect insurance rates.
"I think what you want to do as an underwriter is ensure that you don't make decisions based on coincidences, and you are making them to the greatest degree on statistical reality," said Dan Danyluk, chief executive of the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada.
I wonder if tax payers paid for this study? It seems senseless to me to have your insurance rates based upon the month you were born.
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