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Foreigners Flock to China to Receive Organs of Executed Prisoners

By Mac     Dec 14, 2006 in World
China has admitted to allowing "transplant tourism", and the source of the organs is astounding doctors in the West. ..
China admitted this week to condoning its own "transplant tourism", something of which it has been accused but has denied in the past.
Patients from American and other western nations have - after waiting months and years for available organs - turned to promises of help in China. There, a tourist is given a cell phone and told to enjoy the sights, while an organ is located. One is generally available within a few days to a few weeks. This has led western medical professionals, amongst others, to question the source of these readily accessible organs.
It turns out that the source is the Chinese prison population. Now there is speculation that, because organs seem to become available quickly, there may be executions performed to obtain them, or just as sinister, they are removed without consent from living prisoners.
Given China's closed society and tight governmental controls on outside cooperation, it is likely that there will not be answers to these questions for a long time.
Meanwhile, concerned doctors in the U.S. are going so far as to refuse treatment to patients known to have received transplanted organs in China, for humanitarian reasons. And the "tourists" who have received Chinese organs in the past are left to wonder if someone died so that they could live. . .
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