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article imageanorexia and you

By ROSA FLORENCE     Dec 12, 2006 in Health
knowing anorexia may make it easier to help your love ones
First of all to understand anorexia you need to know the proper definition of it, Anorexia also known as anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder usually associated with the general symptom of decreased appetite. It is a disorder where the main goal is to restrict the intake of food to loose weight.
Anorexia may start off by someone excluding foods that are high in caloreies or fats. Once the disease takes hold, the person usually ends up with a extrememly restrictive diet that sometimes only limits them to a small amount of food.
Anorexics sometimes deciede to vomit, abuse laxatives, abuse diuretic, abuse insulin, they may even do what is known as chew spitting, and usually will over excersize.
Most people with anorexia usually have a fear of becoming fat with any weight gain. In most cases, even when the individual looses weight it still does not lessen the fear of being fat.
Anorexia is more pron in the teen years and can last months or even years. A person with anorexia should seek treatment and may need someone to do this for them. When they look in the mirror they don't see a beautiful person but a person that is over weight and is ugly because of it.
If you know someone with anorexia then please check out this site listed above for more information. It may seem like a never ending battle but with a doctor and your help this person can over come this.
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