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article imagehow celebrities impact our kids

By ROSA FLORENCE     Dec 11, 2006 in Lifestyle
What celebrities are doing to this generation of kids
My little girl came up to me and asked me what your nether regions are. I was amazed at how my daughters vocabulay became so clear. I asked her where she had heard this and she said that she heard on the radio that Brittany Spears was caught on camera more than once flashing her nether regions.
I can understand that being a celebrity means being on camera at all times, so wouldn't you want to watch everything you did or said in front of the cameras at all times. I became curious about Brittany Spears since she is one of my daughters favorite celebrities. I looked her up on-line and found out that she is actually a pretty bad role model. In the past few years she has been reported drinking and falling over drunk, she has been seen and caught on camera driving around with her baby on her lap. The man of her choice was verily there for her and likes to party and hang around with other women.
This isn't just part of what she has done to make me realize that I don't want my ten year old listening to her. I had a hard time dealing with it when my daughter wanted to buy all of her record all though some of them are not appropriate for the younger ears but now she is insisting on wearing the same type of clothes because all of the other kids are doing it.
I already know what some of yall are saying and yes it would be much easier if I would just keep an eye on what my child listens to or wears, but when Brittany Spears first became famous, she was all about the children and had something that they could listen to that wouldn't make the parents pull there hair out. I don't know what made her become such a sex symbol.
Another one of my use to be parent control singing groups was N'sync. What in the world happened to Justin Timberlake and his pretty boy smile. Did he just figure because he has became popular that none of the parents would mind if he shook things up a little?
My daughter is getting upset because I will no longer let her listen to what her and her friends like due to the material used in these songs. My child is running out of music options due to singers gone bad. I know that she doesn't like this but it's not exactly our fault that there is so much junk out there and that the use to be child role models have become so into cussing or talking about sex or wearing clothes that make madonna look like an angel.
I think that we need more child friendly singers like Will Smith out here in this world. Will Smith once said that he wanted to be in every childs room therefore it was his mission to make sure that every parent would allow there kids to listen to him. Will Smith has done a great job at doing this.
I hear kids talking about how it would be cool to be just like there favorite celebrities, but do we really want them to be like this if the role models that they are looking at are so cold hearted that they don't care what they are doing at the time that they are being photographed?
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