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article imageThe Pre-Caliphate Purge Has Begun in Iran

By Mac     Dec 11, 2006 in World
Ahmadinejad has begun clearing Iran's universities of "secular, progressive" professors. For what can we suppose he is preparing the way?
This story comes from The National Council of Resistance - Iran, and surely sent a chill up the spines of the Iranian ex-patriots who saw this, as it did mine.
Extensive reading of the histories of Muslim countries who in the past several decades have fallen to fundamentalist regimes ("caliphates") reveals that one common element is the establishment of pro-Islamic, pro-fascist, and pro-religious educational systems. Under fundamentalist Islam, university students are taught virtually every subject through the eyes of Islam. This is not subtle - it is simply the way teaching is done. (If you don't believe it, check out "Jesus and Mohammad" by Mark A. Gabriel, or any of his other books. He taught for years in Egypt at the university level.)
So an obvious obstacle to creating a pro-fundamentalist, pro-Sharia (Islamic Law) society, would be diverse opinion and open discussion. Both are being eliminated, as professors who don't embrace the more fundamentalist ideas of Islamofascism are being fired in Iran - en masse.
No wonder Iranian students are protesting Ahmadinejad and his increasingly oppressive government. They aren't as naive about their looming future, as some of us in the West are when we speak of the Middle East.
Mr. Gabriel, from his safe exile in America, must be watching this and shaking his head. And he must be very, very sad for his fellow middle-easterners.
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