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By lungta     Dec 11, 2006 in Technology
Chip implants…hey what a great idea. One mans dream is another mans nightmare. Anyway get ready to be cataloged and ranked and ordered
There are two sides to every story I’m sure but I’m not really comfortable about this. There is a history of taking any new technology and using it for the most diabolical of purposes and the promises of security in most of these technologies seem to be instantly circumvented by a high school student with a free Saturday.
Ultimately society could be stratified to keep parks open to only tax-payers with those that are on welfare prohibited from entering for example. Or that new exclusive mall may be open to only those with a 250 000 dollar annual income. And then there is the real dark side……
Basically a link to a site with three videos containing the history and the hopes and fears of our projected futures
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